Annalise Vanessa Carbone – Who Is Shervin Roohparvar’s Girlfriend?

When Shervin Roohparvar went out on a date with Annalise Vanessa Carbone last season on Shahs of Sunset, it didn’t appear to go very well, so it was a surprise to see the couple give it a go at a long-distance relationship. Season 6 of the show premieres tonight and the couple are still together as NBC reports:

Shervin, who also has love on the brain, is finally ready to take his relationship with long-distance girlfriend Annalise to the next level. But things get complicated when swirling rumors of infidelity leave him in the hot seat.

And, when it comes to the drama surrounding the couple, fellow cast member GG reportedly becomes involved.

So, who is Carbone and what’s going on in her relationship with Roohparvar?

On her Instagram account, Carbone’s tagline reads, “Italian. Fashion. Style,” and she posts a lot of selfies, as well as modeling shots. There also don’t seem to be any photos of Roohparvar in what we’ve seen lately. But, then again, the two live in different countries.

As for Roohparvar’s social media, Carbone is absent from photos on there as well, with the exception of the below video clip. Check out Carbone and Roohparvar’s disaster date from last season below.

So, are the two together? They could definitely be carrying on a long-distance relationship, as neither of them are photographed with other members of the opposite sex. Or, they could be just together on the show to promote their own brands off the show. What do you think?