Barbara Weldens Cause of Death: How Did the French Singer Die?

barbara weldens

YouTube Barbara Weldens.

Barbara Weldens, a French singer, has died during the middle of a concert at the age of 35.

What was her cause of death?

Weldens is believed to have died of cardiac arrest, and media reports in France says she may have been electrocuted on stage.

UK Independent reports that Weldens collapsed while “on stage at a church in the small village of Goudron, in the Lot region of south-west France.”

Barbara Weldens – Du pain pour les réveille-matinFilmé pendant les balances du Printival Boby Lapointe à Pézenas (34), le 15/04/15 (Foyer des Campagnes) Extrait du spectacle "Barbara Weldens – Le Grand H de l'homme" Musiques et textes de Barbara Weldens Arrangements: Barbara Hammadi (piano) Christophe Boucher (percussions, violoncelle, guitares) Réalisation : Mat Kollecktif Mau Boissier – Alyzée Marescaux enregistré et mixé par Christophe Boucher Complicité scénique et artistique: Véronique Balmont Management / Production : Dany Lapointe / Printival Sa chaine officielle :

Europe1, a French language news site, reported that Weldens appears to have “suddenly been electrocuted…The young woman collapsed, in cardiorespiratory arrest. Relief could not save her.”

The site added that the cause of death was still being investigated, with the electrocution possibility being further explored.

“An investigation was opened by the gendarmerie for ‘search for the causes of the death,’ and ‘we will see in the next weeks if a requalification is necessary,’ said the prosecutor’s office. This investigation must make it possible to establish the reasons for the electrical malfunction,” reported Europe1.

Europe1 reported that Weldens was an up-and-coming talent in France who had just released her first album.

“In 2016, Barbara Weldens won the 1st prize in the Jacques Brel Young Talents contest and the revelation of the Scène de la Académie Charles Cros. On February 3, she released her first studio album entitled ‘Le grand H de l’homme,'” the site reported.

BBC reported that Weldens died in the middle of a concert at a festival and that she was “probably electrocuted.”

BBC reported that Weldens was raised in a circus, giving her a penchant for showmanship.

“Weldens regularly performed with a pianist and acoustic guitarist and was in the middle of a tour. She had become a singer after growing up in the circus, according to her website. Among her biggest influences was the singer-songwriter Jacques Brel,” reported the BBC.