Bob Barker Death Hoax Strikes One Month After Fall

Bob Barker dead


A Bob Barker death hoax has hit the internet, one month after the former Price Is Right host fell and hurt himself inside his California home. The false report was originally published in 2016, but was resurrected by a few non-credible outlets on Monday afternoon.

Below is the fake news “report.”

Bob Barker was rushed to the emergency room after a fall that split his head open. Several hours later, he was pronounced dead. The 94-year-old former The Price Is Right host suffered a nearly two inch laceration on the side of his forehead due to a fall that took place near the star’s Hollywood Hills home. ‘Bob was taking a walk at around 10:30 AM near his Hollywood Hills home when he tripped on the sidewalk,’ police reported. Police administered aid and called the paramedics. Barker was then taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital where he was pronounced dead at 12:34 p.m.”

According to Snopes, however, Barker is alive and well and there is no truth the latest batch of rumors.

Even still, it didn’t take long for these rumors to spread on social media. Twitter lit up with tons of posts, people writing things like “RIP Bob Barker,” which only helped spread the fake news.

In June, Barker was taken to the hospital after falling in the bathroom. Although 911 was called, Barker refused to go in the ambulance. A short while later, he was taken to the hospital by his housekeeper. Since Barker had hit his head, it was important for him to get checked out. Thankfully, a doctor gave him the “okay” to go home and he didn’t need any additional medical treatment.

Barker, 93, has fallen a couple of times over the past couple of years, but he has been resilient. Although he is getting up there in age, he is healthy.