DeMario Jackson Defends Himself About Ex-Girlfriend on ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’

Rachel Tells DeMario to GTFO The Bachelorette 13×22017-06-02T04:39:46.000Z

DeMario Jackson was faced with major drama on The Bachelorette this season during episode 2 of the show. On the episode, Jackson is involved in a group date, playing basketball, and he does exceptionally well. This was definitely a turn-on for Lindsay, who said that she has a weakness for athletes. But, when a woman named Lexi Thexton shows up, Jackson gets called out for having a girlfriend … by the girl he was supposedly dating. Thexton comes on the show, saying that she was in a 7-month relationship with Jackson and then he disappeared. She told Lindsay that three days went by and then she saw him on television, in the running to compete on The Bachelorette. Lexi said that Jackson even still had a key to her apartment at the time.

When Jackson was confronted by Rachel Lindsay and Thexton, his first response was, “Oh!!! Who’s this?” Jackson then said that he met Thexton “many times ago” and wanted to talk about it off-camera. Lindsay said that if he had nothing to hide, then he should just talk. Jackson said that he broke off a relationship with Thexton and that they were no longer together. Lindsay then became frustrated when Jackson couldn’t come up with exact dates that the relationship ended and she said that what Jackson was saying just didn’t make sense. Thexton then pulled out her phone and said that she had text messages from the last time they were together.

Ultimately, Lindsay started cursing and sent Jackson home, saying she doesn’t like to be embarrassed and that she wanted him to “get the fuck out.”

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Let’s fast forward to today. Tonight, Jackson will face these demons once again, as he defends himself on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Special. But, this isn’t the only scandal that Jackson has been involved in with the Bachelor franchise. In recent months, Jackson and Corinne Olympios were at the center of an alleged sexual misconduct incident during filming of the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise season. Fortunately for Jackson, it was determined by the network that there was no misconduct between the two. And, even though ex Lexi Thexton is not a fan of Jackson’s, she did defend him to TMZ when the alleged misconduct news broke to the media. Thexton said that Jackson is a “shitty guy,” but that he would never take advantage of a drunk woman.

Recently, Jackson’s ex Thexton has been dipping her feet in the modeling pond and posting sexy photos on her Instagram. Click here to check out her Instagram profile.