‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Transcript of Strand’s Radio Conversation


During the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Strand had a conversation over the radio with an astronaut while Strand was on the Abigail. But at times, it was hard to understand what they were saying.

Here is a transcript of the conversation between Strand and the Russian cosmonaut.

(Russian man singing)

Strand: Hello, hello?

Russian: (Man speaking Russian first, then…) Hello this is Cosmonaut … of the spacecraft Soyuz. Hello are you there? Do you read? Hello?

Strand: This is Victor Strand of Baja, California, I read you loud and clear. Do you know what’s happen in North America?

Russian: North America? You sound like an American my friend, thinking everything’s happened only to him.

Strand: So it’s not just here?

Russian: I saw the lights go out on the world three days before my scheduled reentry. A dramatic show. I speak to you from my grave.

Strand: I’m sorry. At least you go to go to space. I doubt that anyone else will have the opportunity.

Russian: I would give it all up for one last glass of vodka.

Strand: How about champagne?

Russian: I’m dying. Haven’t had champagne in a long time.

Strand: Champagne.

Russian: Oh his final words.

Strand: Either this wallpaper goes or I do.

Russian: Wilde.

Strand: Yes! (laughs) Born in a hotel room and God damn it, died in a hotel room.

Russian: O’Neil! …

Strand: Yes.

Russian: Last words are for fools who have not said enough. Marx. Karl Marx. Tell me about your champagne, Victor Strand.

Strand: It’s a 1985 Dom Perignon vintage.

Russian: Hello?

Strand: Mr. Vachenko?

Russian: You are breaking up my friend. The world turns. [static]

This conversation gave Strand the will to live again. It also gave viewers very important information. The walkers hadn’t just affected one or two continents. According to the Russian cosmonaut, everyone was affected.