‘Fear the Walking Dead’: What Was in the Bag Madison Gave to Walker? [SPOILERS]

What was in the bag Madison gave to Walker?

AMC What was in the bag Madison gave to Walker?

Fear the Walking Dead‘s midseason finale seals it: this is definitely the show’s best season yet. And even though the ending didn’t have a cliffhanger, it was still incredibly powerful. There was one scene at the end that some fans are still interpreting, so we’re going to explain it here. What did Madison give to Walker at the end of the episode?

This post has spoilers for the midseason finale of Season 3. 

At the end of the episode, after Nick killed Jeremiah Otto and his sons take Otto’s body away, we see Madison staring at a casket. Then, the next morning, she meets with Walker and gives him a bag. He unzips the bag and we briefly see what looks like a head.

What did she give to Walker?

It appears that Madison gave Jeremiah Otto’s head to Walker.

She probably didn’t let his sons in on that part of the plan, some fans are guessing. They likely put him in a casket and then she was staring at the casket right before she cut off his head.

Will this bring peace between the two groups? A lot of damage has already been done. Walker’s people killed Travis, and Madison played a big role in the deaths of several of Walker’s people by breaking the parley.

Still, the way Walker nodded at Madison after seeing the head in the bag, it appears that her “gift” is placating him and may bring peace. Will they live on the land together? Exactly what the peace is going to look like isn’t known yet.

And in case you missed it, Nick’s killing of Otto was perfectly appropriate. Madison had killed her father in order to prevent her mother from having to take on that burden and do it herself. Nick heard the story and then did the same thing for Madison. He killed Otto, who was a drunk just like Madison’s dad, in order to spare his mom from having to shoulder the burden of doing it himself. And, in a strange way, Jeremiah Otto was a father-figure to Nick, making the circle complete.

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