‘Game of Thrones’: Hot Pie & Arya, Storyline Recap [SPOILERS]

Hot Pie

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Hot Pie, played by Ben Hawkey, was in Game of Thrones for multiple seasons, but we haven’t seen or heard anything about him since Season 4. Now that he’s made an appearance again, some fans are trying to remember just what his storyline was.

Here’s a quick refresher.

Hot Pie was an orphan living in King’s Landing and working for a baker. He was recruited to join the Night’s Watch and tried to bully Arya into giving up Needle in Season 1. But of course, she didn’t back down and he quickly did.

In Season 2, he’s traveling with Arya, Lommy Greenhands, and Gendry, alongside Yoren and his recruits. They’re attacked by Gold Cloaks and defeated, with all the survivors taken prisoner and sent to Harrenhal. Hot Pie hid in the bushes during the fight, but he was found and taken, too. Gendry is among them, but the Gold Cloaks don’t realize who Gendry is.

At Harrenhal, they’re chained in a stockade and can hear people being tortured. The people who are tortured are picked by The Mountain and it doesn’t stop until Tywin arrives. Arya had been disguised as a boy the whole time, but Tywin recognizes that she’s a girl and makes her his new cup bearer. Gendry and Hot Pie are also put to work in the castle.

With Jaqen’s help, the three escape Harrenhal after Tywin leaves. But in Season 3, they’re captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners. They’re taken to the Inn at the Crossroads, where The Hound shows up as a prisoner and identifies Arya. When Arya and Gendry are leaving, Hot Pie decides to stay at the Inn at the Crossroads and work for the baker there. When Arya leaves, he gives her a bread  loaf shaped like a direwolf.

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In Season 4, we learn that Hot Pie is still at the Inn when Brienne and Podrick stop by and he serves them kidney pie. He gives Brienne a loaf shaped like a wolf and tells them where he last saw Arya.

hot pie

HBOHot Pie with Brienne and Podrick in Season 4.

Here’s a video of the last time we saw Hot Pie.

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