‘Game of Thrones’: Is There a Spy in Daenerys’ Group?


Last week, in Season 7 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy quickly found Yara’s fleet and attacked them, decimating everyone and making quick work of the battle. Theon only survived because he leaped into the water and didn’t stay to fight.

But how did Euron find everyone so easily? This question has been bugging fans since last week’s episode.

Now, many are wondering if perhaps there is a spy in Daenerys’ group. Did a mole infiltrate her advisers to send back information to Euron?

It’s certainly possible. Euron’s approach seemed planned (and absolutely devastating.) Some fans think that he just accidentally ran into Yara’s fleet, but Euron really seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

Right now, Daenerys is at Dragonstone. The island is only occupied by her crew, the Unsullied, the Dothraki, Varys, Melisandre, Ellaria, and Olenna Tyrell. It’s a tight-knit group. Unless you believe that Euron Greyjoy accidentally ran into the fleet, someone had to tip him off.

But who?

It wasn’t likely Ellaria or one of the Sandsnakes. They betrayed Cersei by killing her daughter, so they wouldn’t put themselves at risk just to help her now.

One Game of Thrones fan, Ryan O’Connell (who also writes for Heavy), has guessed that it might be Theon. (Read his blog about it here.) He’s wondering if Theon’s loyalty is ultimately with his people, the Iron Born, rather than his sister. Or maybe Theon already went “Reek” again and aligned himself with the person most like Ramsay, namely Euron Greyjoy.

Some fans have an interesting theory that it might be Olenna. She certainly doesn’t want to help Cersei. But Dany just decided to not attack Cersei outright, and Olenna really wants Cersei dead. Is it possible that she made a deal with Euron, somehow, in exchange for his getting close enough to Cersei to kill her?

Tyrion isn’t likely to be trying to help Cersei, considering the bad blood between them now. And Yara certainly wouldn’t turn herself in.

Varys might be another possibility, but Cersei wants him dead and there’s no reason why he would think Cersei would be a better ruler for the people than Dany.

Melisandre is unlikely, since she tends to want to protect the ones that she thinks could be the “Prince Who Was Promised.” So she wouldn’t tip anyone off unless she thinks it might bring about a prophecy somehow.

Redditor GhostofBRobPresent presented the idea that it might be Missandei. This seems unlikely, since Missandei is super loyal to Dany. But this viewer thinks she’s a deep-cover spy who’s been around since the beginning, just biding her time. Perhaps, some fans are positing, she is the actual harpy and has been hiding her true intentions all this time.

Another possibility is that a random person from Yara’s crew is still loyal to Euron. This is the theory that seems most likely, although it’s certainly the least interesting idea, too.

Finally, it might simply be that Euron is that good. He went out in search of Yara’s fleet, knowing that she would be out on the sea at some point. Then he used a storm to disguise his own fleet, because he has been at sea for a long time and has learned tricks and maneuvers that Yara could only dream of. Or perhaps, when he told his brother on the bridge that he brings the storm, that wasn’t just symbolism. Perhaps he is in tune with some type of dark magic and can, literally, bring storms with him.

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