‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: Photos & Spoilers


Game of Thrones is finally here. It’s been a long wait. But as we prepare for tonight’s premiere, plan premiere watch parties, and count down the minutes, check out these photos that have already been released of Episode 1. These can give you some clues about what to expect tonight.

This article will have spoilers through Episode 1.

Here are some photos from the premiere, along with some trailer photos that go with them. All photos are courtesy of HBO. 

1. Daenerys at Dragonstone

Dany arrives at Dragonstone. This must be a moving moment for her.

In this trailer photo, it appears that she and Tyrion find a map of some sort at Dragonstone. This is likely where Stannis made his battle plans. But why does the place look deserted?

Dany sitting on the throne at Dragonstone, the seat of the next heir to the Iron Throne.

Dany is observing the map in this trailer photo, probably thinking about all the plans that Stannis made that failed.

2‌. A Map Is Being Created at King’s Landing

It looks like Dragonstone isn’t the only place with a map in the premiere episode.

This next photo, below, distinctly looks like Cersei is controlling this particular map. This photo is from the trailer, so it’s not known if it’s specifically from the premiere, but it appears that it could be.


3‌. Meera Makes it to the Other Side of the Wall

It looks like Meera made it to the other side of the wall without destroying everything. Or did she? (Photos courtesy of HBO.)

In light of the above pictures, these from the trailer must be showing Meera and Bran arriving:



4‌. Additional Photos

Photos courtesy of HBO. 

Brienne is back, sparring with Podrick!

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