‘Game of Thrones’: Top Predictions for Season 7



The premiere of Game of Thrones is only a few hours away. Are you ready to get hype? Then join us for the top predictions for Season 7 and the Season 7 premiere. Then let us know in the comments which predictions you think are most likely to come true, and if you have any of your own predictions that you would like to add.

Here are some of the top theories and predictions for Season 7.

Bran Will Destroy the Wall’s Magic, Giving an Open Invitation to the White Walkers


Unfortunately, many fans believe there’s a chance that Bran is going to spell doom for many, many people. The Wall was built to keep out the White Walkers and it has magic that prevents the undead from passing through. Well, Bran’s about to pass through. Many fans believe that the mark left on his hand by the Night King is going to destroy the Wall’s magic, allowing the White Walkers free reign again.

Sansa Will Kill Littlefinger

Sansa is no one’s fool. And although Littlefinger loves her, he loves himself more. He told her that he sees himself on the Iron Throne. So it’s possible that he will try to assassinate Jon or betray him somehow, now that Jon has been named King of the North. Sansa wouldn’t put up with that.

Sam Will Learn Something Shocking About the White Walkers

We already know that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers from man. But now that Sam’s at the Citadel, he’s bound to learn something completely unexpected about the Other god and the dark magic of the White Walkers. Whether it is how to kill them or something different, Sam’s research is going to uncover something major this season.

Jon and Daenerys Will Meet


Well, this one is pretty much a given unless it’s saved for Season 8. Jon and Dany have to meet sometime. Ice has to meet Fire. You know… A song of ice and fire.

An Ice Dragon Will Make an Appearance

Fans have been hoping for this to be true for a long time. A website owned by George R. R. Martin even includes a photo of an ice dragon, although it was a fan-made poster and nothing canon. Still, this is really what fans want. Now, where the dragon will come from is anyone’s guess. Some think that it’s hidden in the Wall. Others think it’s just out there, far north with the Night King.

Jamie Leaves Cersei for Brienne

Maybe this one is just a fan dream… But surely Jamie is going to abandon Cersei once he realizes that she caused Tommen’s death. This could lead to his reunion with Brienne — unless she’s already decided that Tormund is a better choice for her.

Tyrion Rides a Dragon

This one just has to happen. Last season, a dragon let Tyrion touch him. Tyrion obviously has some type of special connection to them, in a Targaryen-like way. So why not go the next step? (Go one step further: Maybe we will learn that Tyrion is part Targaryen, and the dormant genes are not so dormant in him.)

A Major Character Turns Into a Wight

This would be so amazing and also so tragic. But maybe one of the main characters in the show will be turned into a wight this season. The only question is who. Jon Snow? Arya? Cersei?

What do you think will happen this season? Let us know in the comments below.