‘Game of Thrones’: Tyrion & Jon Snow’s History [Storyline Recap]


It’s been so long since Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister were in the same room together that many Game of Thrones fans may have forgotten their history. Here’s a quick plot recap to refresh your memory on when the two last interacted and what happened.

Both Jon Snow and Tyrion have had nice things to say about each other recently, and both defended the other in conversations with their allies. Tyrion told Daenerys that he trusted Jon’s character and liked him when they traveled together, and he encourages Dany to make Jon an ally.


Even Tyrion’s letter to Jon Snow (from Daenerys) hinted at their connection. The last part of the letter that Tyrion sent via raven read: “I appeal to you, one bastard to another, for all dwarves are bastards in their fathers eyes.”

This is a direct reference to the first time the two met, in Season 1. Tyrion accompanied King Robert Baratheon to Winterfell. Jamie convinced Tyrion to join a family dinner, but Tyrion wasn’t too thrilled about the idea. So he just loitered outside the hall for awhile, and that’s where he met Jon Snow. They connected as kindred spirits and fellow outcasts. Tyrion advised Jon to never hide who he is, because the world won’t forget anyway. Instead, wear the word “bastard” like armor and don’t hide it.  Tyrion tells him: “All dwarfs are bastards in their fathers’ eyes.”

Here’s that scene:

Tyrion later rides with Jon Snow to Castle Black, where Jon is preparing to join the Night’s Watch. Along the way, Tyrion tells Jon that he likes to read because it keeps his wits sharp. At one point after they reach Castle Black, Tyrion may have actually saved Jon’s life:

While Tyrion is at Castle Black, he sees Jon training with the other new recruits, but notices that Jon is acting superior because of his prior training at Winterfell. Tyrion points out Jon’s error, and Jon changes his ways, helping the other recruits and earning everyone’s respect.

While Tyrion is at Castle Black, Master Aemon and Lord Commander Jeor Mormont ask him if he can get more men and resources, but Tyrion feels like there’s nothing to fear beyond wildlings on the other side of the wall. But Benjen Stark tells him what he’s seen, and Tyrion begins to wonder.

And here’s the scene just before Tyrion left Castle Black. Jon asked Tyrion to tell Bran that he misses him:

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