GG Golnesa Gharachedaghi on ‘Shahs of Sunset’: Divorce from Ex-Husband Shalom Yeroushalmi

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Golnesa Gharachedaghi, aka GG on Shahs of Sunset, got engaged, married and divorced with a guy named Shalom Yeroushalmi and the whole ordeal took place in just a few months. This season on Shahs, we get more of an inside look at what happened, as NBC writes:

She is on top of the world. Having learned to focus her fiery energy toward improving herself and taking control of her Rheumatoid Arthritis, she lands an acting job in an off-Broadway play and accepts her boyfriend’s surprise marriage proposal.

So, it looks like viewers will get to know Shalom Yeroushalmi. But, why did GG get married so fast and what happened in the relationship? She opened up to Hollywood Life and said that:

I don’t believe in marriage but I met this guy that I thought things were different and I thought ‘let me be different because I’m on a path of being a new person,’ I thought maybe that comes with a large commitment. Unfortunately that didn’t work out for me.

As for getting married in the future, GG told Hollywood Life that she’s more focused on motherhood. She explained:

I still want kids I just don’t want a husband. I think I’m going to start fishing for my hottest friends that have the highest intellectual capacity and just ask them for some of their best swimmers. I don’t want to just go to a sperm bank. I want it to be a friend so they can be in my children’s lives … I do want to adopt probably at some point, but I feel like first I want to have my own. I want to feel the feeling of being pregnant and giving birth. So I need to get on it like yesterday.

When GG filed for divorce from Shalom Yeroushalmi, TMZ reported that irreconcilable differences were cited in the court documents. And the latest on the ex-couple, reported by Page Six, is that Yeroushalmi refuses to sign the divorce papers.