Inder Kumar Cause of Death: How Did Bollywood Star Die?

Inder Kumar Cause of Death: How Did Bollywood Star Die? Wikipedia

Inder Kumar pictured in March 2016.

The film industry in India is in mourning after a popular Bollywood star was found dead at 44. The Times of India reports that Inder Kumar died at his home in Mumbai after suffering a “massive heart attack.” The newspaper says that Kumar lived in the Four Bungalows neighborhood of the city.

According to his IMDb page, at the time of his death, Kumar was working on a movie, Phati Padi Hai Yaar. He was perhaps best known for his role in 2009’s Wanted.

The actor’s one-time father-in-law, Raju Kariya, told NDTV that Kumar was not being treated for any illness at the time of his death. The station goes on to report that Kumar is survived by his wife, Pallavi, his second wife, and a daughter, named Khushi. He was cremated at 6 p.m. Mumbai time at the Yaari Road Shamshaan Bhoomi. Photos showing his funeral were published by the Hindustan Times.

In a separate interview with the Times of India, actress Rituparna Sengupta, expressed her sorrow at Kumar’s death. Sengupta, who worked with Kumar on two movies, said:

I’m shocked. I have worked with him in Tirchi Topi Wale many years back and more recently, in Haranath Chakraborty’s Dharasnan.

I am having trouble believing that he left us all so soon. I called his cousin Jatin to offer my condolences. He said that Inder was healthy till last night except for mild fever.

He suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed on the way to the hospital. Life is so fickle. Such a young and talented actor left us so soon.

In 2014, Kumar was embroiled in a serious controversy when he was accused of raping a woman, reported NDTV at the time. Kumar had said that he believed the relations had been consensual. The case appears to have been dismissed sometime later.

A police officer said of the victim at the time, according to the Times of India:

There are signs of cigarette burn marks on her shoulders and neck, bite marks on her arms and marks of her being stabbed with a fork. She also has injury marks caused when he allegedly attacked her with a beer bottle while she was in his custody.

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