John Cena Says He Isn’t Positive That Wedding to Nikki Bella Will Happen Before 2019

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Getty John Cena and Nikki Bella at Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards at USC Galen Center on March 11, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

John Cena said in a new interview on Thursday that he really hopes his wedding to Nikki Bella will take place in 2018 but that he isn’t positive that it won’t come later than that.

These comments were made during a new interview with Complex, in which Cena discusses his future with the WWE and his movie career. At the very end of the conversation, Cena is asked for an update about his wedding. He says that he hopes it will happen in 2018, but he clearly isn’t sure whether it will due to his and his fiancée’s busy schedules.

“We are both super, super busy and it just has to be right,” Cena said. “I really, really want to say I hope it’s gonna be next year sometime, but also I want to do it when it’s right for Nicole and she can get the most out of it as well.”

[UPDATE: Hours after this article was published, Nikki Bella said in an interview with E! that she now has a date for the wedding. However, she would not reveal what the date is. She also said that she has a wedding dress.]

This comes a few days after Nikki Bella posted a photo on her Instagram page which seemed to show off her wedding dress, or at least a potential wedding dress. It also comes a month after Nikki Bella said that she was fairly certain the wedding would take place by June 2018.

“Definitely a year,” Bella told E! News in June 2017 when asked if the wedding will happen within the next 12 months. “I can’t wait too long. He might run off! I’ve got to lock him in…I’m in very much the beginning stages.”

Bella had previously said in May 2017 that she has only just started on the wedding planning and has a lot left to do.

“I’ve looked at wedding planners, but that’s it,” Bella told PEOPLE. “We haven’t set a date. We haven’t picked a dress. I haven’t done any of that. So the planning is going slow, but that’s okay.”

Whenever the wedding does happen, it’s likely that it will be shown on Total Bellas, the E! reality series that documents the lives of Nikki and Brie Bella. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Nikki Bella seemed open to the idea of her wedding being filmed, writing, “You know, I feel like we’ve brought everyone on this journey.”

However, both John Cena and Nikki Bella have said that the wedding will certainly not take place in a WWE ring.

“The WWE got their moment,” Cena told E! Online. “Everybody knows that a WWE wedding, nothing really goes right. So, we had a great moment at WrestleMania, I think we’re going to leave it at that.”

Granted, Nikki Bella was recently asked in a Youtube Q&A if she would get married on SmackDown Live, and she said that you never know what’s going to happen in the WWE and that if she were to get married it would be at WrestleMania. However, she seemed to mostly be joking around about that.

Though it may be filmed for television, Nikki Bella still says she wants the wedding to be medium sized.

“I want like, [a] medium [wedding],” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I envision, like, a 150 people, ’cause I still want to keep it very private and intimate, and my side of the family makes it like 150.”

John Cena famously proposed to Nikki Bella after a match at WrestleMania 33. This came after years of Cena saying that he did not want to get marriedThe reason he always gave on the reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas was that he doesn’t want to have children, and it appears that this is still the case.

“No, right now it hasn’t changed,” Cena recently told US Weekly (via Hollywood Life). “I can barely raise myself, so I just don’t know how good a dad I’ll be. I guess that’s my biggest fear. I know it’s a natural human progression to want to have kids, but right now, I’m just focused on what’s in front of me.”