Kirk Frost & Wife Rasheeda: Are They Still Together or Getting Divorced?

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk Frost gets himself into a situation with alleged mistress Jasmine Washington with the question of paternity for her child. At some point on the show, it is revealed that Frost is actually the father, which means that he had to have had at least one sexual encounter with Washington. To make matters even works, BET reports that Frost served his wife separation papers in front of their children. Frost’s reasoning for serving his wife with the separation papers was because he said he didn’t want her “dragged into the situation” with Washington. This was very confusing to Rasheeda, to say the least.

Recently, LHHATL star Tresure Price weighed in, saying that Frost played both Washington and his wife, telling Hollywood Life:

Kirk is not this perfect angel that people are seeing him as. He’s Rasheeda [Frost]’s husband … What I’ve been told is that Rasheeda is acting unaware about her husband. She’s OK with it, but she’s on the show acting like she’s not for that. Rasheeda’s heard about it, but she ignores it. I’ve only been in Atlanta for 10 months. But from what I hear from Jasmine, she thought that Kirk was going to leave Rasheeda and they were going to start a family once the baby was born. He picked out the baby name, all that type of stuff. What’s a woman to think? It would be different if he said ‘fuck it, I don’t want the baby.’ Yes, [Jasmine] knew what was going on, but did she really?

This is not the first time that Frost has been caught up in a cheating scandal. Just a few years ago, Bossip reported that Frost cheated on wife Rasheeda and the scandal ended up being featured as a story line on their show. And this time, the Frosts allegedly made a deal to have this scandal on the show this season. Big Tigger of V-103 reported that:

An alleged credible source confided to that Kirk and Rasheeda Frost agreed to the story line involving Kirk’s outside baby weeks before it played out in front of the cameras. Apparently the power couple pulled down a million dollars to air out their dirty laundry. It seemed all too contrived when [the mother of the child, Jasmine Washington] popped up on Love & Hip Hop ATL. But DNA results came back this week and revealed that Kirk is the father of an infant boy named Kannon … Again – this is all alleged, and according to a source. We’ll see if it’s really true.

So, story line or no story line, the scandal appears to be real.

Tonight airs a major episode for the Frosts, as DNA test results are revealed. Tonight is episode 16 and the title of the show is “The End Is Near”. The plot description of the episode states:

Kirk reaches his breaking point; DNA test results rock Rasheeda; Tommie and Samantha deal with their issues; Joseline wants Stevie to join her in New York.

Recently, Frost took to Instagram to wish his wife a “happy birthday” and used the hashtag “#bestfriends”, so perhaps they’ve been able to work through the scandal together.

Tune in tonight on VH1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Toni Cook

At the end of the day it takes two to cheat and rasheeda is a good woman and it is not your fault rasheeda when you are marry you do not cheat you communicate so at the end of the day kirk is wrong and if the lady knew rasheeda was marry she was wrong but kirk should not step out of marriage on tasheeda because rasheeda you are beautiful raiding your kids and is working true enough he is your half and you been with thia man for so many years but right is right and rasheeda no matter what he should not have step out in my opinion kirk do not respect rasheeda and i know it hurts but at the end of the day this will make you stronger he does not respect you or the kids and in my opinion rasheeda he does not respect you and you do not have to settle you are not the blame and all he had to do was communicate in my opinion yes get a divorce and let the kids be raisse together because a child is innocent be cordial towards the woman for the kids

Kim Louis

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fraudulent, WTF are the DNA RESULTS???? FAKEASS SCRIPTED SHOWS

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