LISTEN: Blue Ivy Raps on JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’

Blue Ivy has become a Twitter trend, perhaps stealing the thunder away from her new twin siblings. While just about everyone is waiting for Beyonce and JAY-Z to officially announce the birth of their twins, confirm their names (rumored to be Rumi and Sir), and share their very first photos, the world has shifted its focus to the couple’s 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

Blue is featured on a bonus track on her dad’s new album, 4:44. The song is called “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family.”

“Never seen a ceiling in my whole life. Boom shakalaka, boom shakalaka, everything in shaka, everything in faka,” Blue raps.

According to XXL Magazine, JAY-Z released 4:44 on iTunes and Apple Music on Thursday, July 6. It is also available on Amazon Music Unlimited. The album was released on Tidal last week. Several rumors circulated after 4:44 was released online and one of those rumors was that the album would include a couple of bonus tracks. It turns out, those rumors were true.

The three bonus tracks are “Adnis,” “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family,” and “ManyFacedGod.”

The full track listing for 4:44 is as follows:

1. “Kill Jay-Z”
2. “The Story of O.J.
3. “Smile” Feat. Gloria Carter
4. “Caught Their Eyes” Feat. Frank Ocean
5. “4:44″
6. “Family Feud” Feat. Beyoncé
7. “Bam” Feat. Damian Marley
8. “Moonlight”
9. “Marcy Me”
10. “Legacy”
11. “Adnis”
12. “Blue’s Freestyle / We Family”
13. “ManyFacedGod” Feat. James Blake

According to XXL Magazine, the album is already “certified platinum.”

“The album has been certified platinum in less than a week even though it was illegally downloaded nearly a million times. How did Jay do it? He got Sprint to buy a million copies, the same way Samsung “bought” a million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail four years ago.”

Blue Ivy, 5, made her singing debut on her dad’s previously released song, “Glory.” In the song, Blue’s baby babble can be heard clearly at the end of the track. You can listen to “Glory” below.




P.S. to the P.S.: A half dozen puppies, a half dozen kittens, and a half dozen duckies should complete the album cover quite nicely! But!… with Blue Ivy wearing a purple and yellow polka dot jumper and purple shades sitting on the letter B, and peeking out over her shades at us with arms open and her palms up!… and Angelo wearing a black and yellow large houndstooth suit and mint green shades sitting on the letter C, and peeking out over his shades at us with arms open and his palms up! A fine touch, would be to have Carlos Santana atop the letter A, cross legged, peeking at us over his shades, while reading some paper, with a kitten on one shoulder!
But!… and to be quite honest!… although it would be nice to have Beyonce straddling the corner behind Carlos’ right holding a ducky, and lovingly looking back at him, and Adele straddling the other corner behind Carlos’ left holding a puppy, and lovingly looking back at him, unless the blocks are made of steel, and are big enough, that photoshoot would be tantamount to CHILD ENDANGERMENT, and, CRUELTY TO ANIMALS!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


Jay-Z, I’ve got a challenge for you!… and it involves Carlos Santana’s recent criticism of Beyonce, re why she didn’t beat out Adele at the 2017 Grammy Awards!
First of all, I’d like you to kick everyone out of your music studio!… and give them a paid vacation! Next, I’d like you to invite Carlos Santana (along with his production team!), Adele (along with her production team!) and your wife (along with her production team!) into your studio, to produce the most original music score ever heard of, since the creation of Santana Abraxas! And I’d like you to place the entire control of this production effort, in the hands of Carlos Santana!
Beyonce loves Adele!… Adele obviously loves Beyonce!… and Carlos loves them both– but, has been critical of Beyonce’s FULL COMMITMENT to her craft! Well!… Jay-Z!… here’s Carlos Santana’s chance to impress us all! If Carlos Santana thinks he can get Beyonce to achieve GREATNESS… and believes that he can achieve a miracle, or two, with Beyonce AND Adele!… then let him do his best! And my recommended title for the album is, Blue Ivy and Angel!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!

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