LISTEN: Meek Mill Disses Nicki Minaj on New Album ‘Wins & Losses’

Getty Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj.

Well, we all saw this coming. Meek Mill has released his new album, Wins & Losses, and as expected, he has plenty to say about his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj. In fact, Mill doesn’t just dedicate a single track to Minaj, but a number of disses throughout the album. Read on for the most notable digs at the “No Frauds” rapper.

On the song “1942 Flows,” Mill (born Robert Williams) makes his first mention of his relationship Minaj, rapping “N***as talking shots, can’t stop me, they ain’t real enough/Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her.” He goes on to spit, “Try to crucify me like I’m Jesus the way she cross me.” Listen below.

Meek Mill – 1942 Flows [OFFICIAL AUDIO]Listen to Meek's new album Wins And Losses Now: Exclusive Wins and Losses Merch Bundle Available here: Follow Meek Mill MeekMil.com2017-07-21T03:39:07.000Z

Mill veers from Minaj in the second verse, but returns to bash her a bit more in with the third verse: “Bloggers in the frenzy, truck to the Bentley/Ain’t doing no interviews, I’m busy, n***a we litty/So when you see me out don’t ask me about no Nicki/F**k I look like, telling my business on Wendy.”

Minaj and Mill have had quite the callous attitude towards one another since their breakup, which includes beefs on social media and a Minaj diss record titled “Regret in Your Tears.”

In it, Minaj sings “Baby now you know you got nerve/I know you just wanna be heard/I’m a bad b**ch, you ain’t used to that/You gon’ f**k around and make me do you bad.” You can watch the music video for the song here.

Meek Mill – Never Lose (feat. Lihtz Kamraz) [OFFICIAL AUDIO]Listen to Meek's new album Wins And Losses Now: Exclusive Wins and Losses Merch Bundle Available here: Follow Meek Mill MeekMil.com2017-07-21T03:37:48.000Z

Minaj again becomes the focus on the song “Never Lose,” where Mill claps back at all those who’ve done him wrong in his career, especially his former girlfriend. “I seen my dawgs turned their backs, it was slow/I seen that b**ch turn her back like a fraud/You turn your back, you can’t come back no more/Shown the real monster, just cuttin’ them off/Just when they thought, they was laughing at me/I was just sittin’ back laughin’ at y’all.”

The “monster” line has been seen by many as a reference to Minaj’s famous verse on the Kanye West song of the same name. Elsewhere, the rapper makes reference to a “b***ch with a heavy heart” and a “pop b***ch on the block list,” which seem to be thinly-veiled shot at Minaj’s crossover appeal.

Listen to the album above and decide for yourself whether Mill is indeed dissing Minaj, and whether we’ll hear a response in the near future. Click here to purchase Wins & Losses on iTunes.

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