‘Littlefinger’ Petyr Baelish on ‘Game of Thrones’: A Storyline Recap


It was only because of Littlefinger that Jon Snow survived the Battle of the Bastards. But will his help be repaid? Will he even stay loyal to Jon Snow? Littlefinger (aka Petyr Baelish) will play a big role in Season 7. But before the season premieres on Sunday, catch up on Littlefinger’s story from Season 6.

Littlefinger is a master manipulator and always has been. He used his brothels in King’s Landing to get valuable political information. He was always in love with Catelyn Stark, but she did not return his feelings. Catelyn’s sister, Lysa, however always loved Petyr.

Petyr was cast out of Riverrun after he challenged Brandon Stark to a duel over Catelyn. He lost, badly. Brandon was later killed by the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen. Catelyn then married Eddard Stark and Lysa married Jon Arryn.

Over time and with Jon’s help, Petyr was made Master of Coin for King Robert Baratheon. But he was at odds with Varys, Master of Whisperers.

In Season 4, Petyr rescues Sansa from King’s Landing after Joffrey is killed. He then marries Lysa, who reveals that he convinced her to kill her husband Jon. Later, he kissed Sansa after saying she is more beautiful than Catelyn ever was, and Lysa sees. He calms Lysa down just enough to surprise her by throwing her down the Moon Door, telling her that Catelyn was the only woman he ever loved.

In Season 5, Petyr took a calculated move and married Sansa to Ramsay Bolton. He also plays a role in giving Olenna the information she needs to prove that Cersei had an affair, so High Sparrow can arrest her.

Season 6, the most recent season, featured many appearances by Petyr Baelish. First, Littlefinger uses his manipulations to convince Robin to send the Knights of the Vale with Petyr so he can rescue Sansa from the Boltons. This ends House Arryn’s longstanding neutrality.

Petyr and Sansa meet at Mole’s Town. Sansa asks if he knew how sadistic Ramsay was. Petyr says he made a mistake but now has the knights of the Vale to protect her. She doesn’t want his help and no longer trusts him.

But later, she can’t rally enough houses to help Jon Snow and his upcoming battle against the Boltons. So she writes Petyr and asks for his help. Just in time, right before Jon’s army is about to be massacred, Petyr and the Vale Knights arrive and wipe out the Bolton army.

Petyr later admits to Sansa that his ultimate goal is to sit on the Iron Throne, with Sansa by his side as his queen. She doesn’t trust him and resists his advances. When Jon is declared King of the North, Petyr is the only one not cheering and not looking happy at all.

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