Mechie: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


The relationship between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna imploded in 2017, when Kardashian posted sexually explicit images of Chyna on his Instagram account. He accused Chyna of cheating on him, and even went as far as to post a video clip of her laying in  bed and kissing a mystery man.

That man turned out to be Mechie, a former Vine star. Kardashian identified him in the caption of one of his since-deleted posts.

Mechie also claims that he’s the mystery man in Blac Chyna’s leaked sex tape video. According to TMZ, a rep for Mechie said that he filmed the sexual encounter using Chyna’s phone and was unsure how it leaked. His rep said that they were planning to go to the police.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Kardashian Revealed His Identity on Instagram

Rob Kardashian Instagram


Rob Kardashian was brutally honest in his comments regarding Blac Chyna, her unfaithfulness, and her lack of responsibility regarding their daughter Dream Renée Kardashian. And nowhere was this more apparent than in the Instagram caption where he posted the video of Chyna and Mechie making out.

“So this is the dude she sent me the video of them f**king @mechiesocrazy lol so she f**ked me then @ferraritru3 then this dude in 3 days. With my daughter and her son in the house in my bed haha and my paid house,” read Kardashian’s caption.

Karashian continued in his rant against Chyna and, by association, Mechie, saying “Damn this woman is crazy and thank God I f**ked her without a condom but damn I’m scared but I promise imma get checked and do a full panel this week! I’m praying imma be clean but s**t Chyna. So now the total is 8 dudes in less than a month come on man.”

2. Mechie Was An Original Member of the R&B Group 4EY the Future

4EY "The Future" – Scoot OvaMusic video for Scoot Ova performed by 4EY "The Future". Site: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Instagram: Tumblr: Copyright (C) 2015 4EVER YOUNG MUSIC GROUP. — Powered by vydia.com2015-02-19T08:00:00.000Z

Mechie, born Demetrius Harris, is a singer and rapper who rose to fame as part of the group 4EY The Future. Along with members Kenny Iko and Leo Amari, 4EY scored their biggest hit in 2015 with the song “Scoot Ova,” which went viral and inspired a dancing craze on YouTube. Due to this exposure, 4EY The Future made appearance on the BET Experience, the Verizon Center, My Fox DC, and a Washington Wizards basketball game, according to CBS Local.

4EY The Future remains active today, and their latest single, “No Time to Waste” featuring Wale, was released in 2016. Mechie has since pursued a solo career, opening up for popular acts like R&B singer Chrisette Michele and rapper Meek Mill on his most recent tour.

3. He Was A Vine Star Before the Platform Shut Down in January

VideoVideo related to mechie: 5 fast facts you need to know2017-07-05T19:48:15-04:00

Outside of his music career, Mechie became popular on Vine, where he would regularly post clips of himself engaging in silly behavior. Among his most popular Vines is when he dunks a basketball over Miami rapper Rick Ross.

Other Vines (which can be seen in the compilation above) include Mechie recording himself dancing with friends, singing along to fellow artists like Jeremih and Drake, and performing onstage with 4EY The Future.

Unfortunately for Mechie, Vine was discontinued in January of this year, dispelling the large fanbase he had amassed over the past few years. Despite this, he remains an active user on Twitter, where he has over 72 thousand followers, and Instagram, where he has over 291 thousand thousand followers.


4. He Hinted at His Affair With Chyna on Instagram

Mechie turned heads in the wake of the Kardashian-Chyna feud when he posted a video of himself singing on Instagram. And while singing in in of itself may appear harmless, it was his song of choice that had many fans wondering whether or not he was taking shots at Kardashian.

The video shows Mechie wearing a hat without a shirt and singing the song “The Weekend” by R&B singer SZA. He captioned the Instagram video with: “Can I satisfy you for the weekend?” along with laughing emojis. Listen to the original version below.

SZA – The Weekend (Official Audio)SZA's "CTRL" available on: Apple Music – Spotify – Soundcloud – Tidal – Amazon Music – Google Play – Follow SZA: #SZA #TheWeekend #Vevo #RandB #OfficialAudio2017-06-09T07:00:01.000Z

According to Genius, “The Weekend” is about someone telling their lover that they’ll be their side piece on the weekend, even if they’re dedicated to their significant other during the week– a situation not dissimilar to what we currently know about him and Blac Chyna.

Numerous comments on the video seemed to pick up on this subtle jab, with one user writing “Rob must be crying when he looks at this dude ! Poor rob,” while another writes “Sooooo is this is (sic) response to Rob? If so it’s a piss poor response… lol.”

5. He Doesn’t Want to Get Involved In the Kardashian-Chyna Feud

When Kardashian posted the video of Chyna and Mechie in bed, he wrote “Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July. What a crazy person. Come spend time with your daughter instead of f**king me and then this dude right after. U need help.”

According to Hollywood Life, Mechie wasn’t pleased to find out that his name had been dragged into the feud bubbling between Kardashian and Chyna. He has yet to confirm nor deny the accusation that he slept with Chyna in the couple’s family bed (beside the Instagram video above) and has instead said that “I am not here for these games, they wild.”

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