Olenna on ‘Game of Thrones’: The Best Memes, Tweets, and Reactions

Olenna was pretty amazing on Game of Thrones tonight, and fans are still debriefing from what happened. Join us as we look at the best memes and tweets in tribute to her.

This article will have spoilers through Season 7 Episode 3. 

Major spoilers below, so don’t read on unless you’ve seen the latest episode.

Tonight, Jamie killed Olenna. Instead of sending the Kingsguard to Casterly Rock, he went to Highgarden and took it by force. Afterward, he and Olenna had a very calm conversation where he talked about all the ways that Cersei wanted Olenna killed. Instead, he put poison in her cup for her to drink.

But after she drank the poison, she told Jamie that she killed Joffrey, firmly getting in the last word.

Fans had a lot to say about that scene and the death of one of their favorite characters.

Olenna wanted to make sure that Cersei knows she was the one who arranged Joffrey’s death.


Olenna did not go quietly. She went in an amazing, epic way.

You really can’t beat those final words.

And this describes Olenna perfectly. Jamie was left speechless.

This meme pretty much describes Olenna perfectly:

We didn’t want to see her go, but couldn’t possibly think of a better way:

And now she is the goal of many viewers:

She may be gone, but she’s leaving a mark as she’s taken out:

Some fans even want to name their daughters after her, following that scene:

Goodbye Olenna.