‘Rick and Morty’ After Credits Scene: What Happened?

Adult Swim

Every episode of Rick and Morty has an extra scene after the credits roll. Season 3 Episode 2, Rickmancing the Stone, was no exception. But if you forgot about the scene, you might be wondering just what happened. Read the analysis below and then watch the scene at the end of the story.

Until August 7, you can rewatch the episode on AdultSwim.com here if you missed the after-credits scene. But if you try to click ahead on the episode before it finishes buffering, you might get a blocked message.

The after-credits scene this week wasn’t anything too earth-shattering. Jerry was checking his mail and picking up his unemployment check. A growling dog showed up and Jerry talked to it, asking if the dog wanted the snack he had or his unemployment check.

For some reason, the growling dog wouldn’t accept his food and only wanted his unemployment check, supposedly to ruin Jerry’s life and make things harder for him. Jerry gave him the check and the dog quickly ate it and then threw up the check right in front of him, walking away.

As Jerry left, the winds swirled around him and a voice whispered “LOSER”, just like it did at the beginning of the episode.

This after-credits scene painted a stark contrast between Jerry’s life and personality vs. the personalities of his children. Summer and Morty were strong in the post-apocalyptic world. They stood up to every intimidating moment that faced them and didn’t let anything push them down. They ended up being the conquerors. And they used their angst to fight the world.

Jerry, meanwhile, backed down to one snarling dog in the regular world. His problems are making him weaker, rather than stronger. He’s pretty much the complete opposite of his kids.

Here’s the scene, if you missed it:

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