‘Rick and Morty’ New Intro: Screenshots & Easter Eggs

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Rick and Morty has a new intro for season 3. If you want to analyze every bit of it, we have screenshots of the intro, along with theories about what the scenes could mean. Of course, as we’ve learned in the past, not every scene that you see in the intro actually ends up happening in the show.

First, you might want to watch the intro again. Here it is:

The intro started and ended just like it has on previous seasons.

But interestingly enough, Jerry is completely absent from this intro, unlike previous seasons. It looks like he really is kicked out of the adventures, if the intro is any indication.

It starts out with the same scene the intros always begin with:

Adult Swim

But then it cuts to a hilarious scene that may take place on the “butt world” we have scene a couple times on the show so far.

Adult Swim

When Morty turns around, we realize that he is also part of that world:

Adult Swim

Next is a scene that we also saw in the Season 3 trailer, where Rick is talking to a member of the Galactic Federation, and Summer is there along with another Summer from a different dimension.

Adult Swim

Next is a scene with *four* Mortys climbing out of a building, possibly a dorm room. There’s a Morty who looks a little chubbier at the window, a regular Morty, a bug-Morty, and at the bottom of the screen is a Morty wearing glasses. That Morty is tougher to see in this photo.

Adult Swim

This next scene also took place in the Season 3 trailer. Rick and Morty are tied to what looks like the keys of a giant piano. In a scene right before this, we see an alien playing on the piano. Every time he hits a key, it looks like someone is smashed by the hammer.

Adult Swim

And here it looks like Rick is shopping for a new Morty. If you look closely at the Morty on the right, you’ll notice that he’s being sold with the same bat that Negan uses in The Walking Dead.

Adult Swim

And finally, the intro ends with the same ending that we’re used to seeing.

Adult Swim

Did you catch anything in the intro that we missed, or do you have any theories about what we’re seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

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