Son Matt Brown Injured In Explosion on ‘Alaskan Bush People’

The Brown family has had an emotional season so far on Alaskan Bush People, with mom Ami Brown being diagnosed with lung cancer. On tonight’s episode of the show, son Matt gets badly injured in an at-home explosion that results in him getting staples in his head. A clip of the aftermath is shown near the end of the above season 7 promo video.

Matt was reportedly injured after a mason jar filled with gunpowder exploded inside his refrigerator. The explosion resulted in a head injury, leaving Matt in pain and blood and occurred hours after filming had ended for the day. He had to be rushed to the hospital and treated immediately. Upon on-site inspection of the wound, medics feared Matt had fractured his skull. Matt was airlifted to a hospital in Juneau and placed in intensive care. His brother Noah rushed to be by his side.

Matt Brown was filming Alaskan Bush People when the explosion occurred. During the explosion, the fridge door blew off and hit Brown in the head.

Reportedly, Matt Brown was alone and trying to pack up his family’s home at the time of the injury. The family decided to close “Browntown” and focus on Mom Ami Brown’s cancer treatment.

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Jill jityonson

Total lie– the explosion happened in his apartment in town-these are all a bunch of Eucking liars


Who reoirted the explosion? Who could have heard it? This show is so scripted. Please cancel.

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