‘Twin Peaks’ Episode 9 Explained: Top Theories & Clues

twin peaks episode 9

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Twin Peaks has finally returned with Episode 9 and fans couldn’t be more excited. Although the episode wasn’t as crazy and loopy as Part 8, it still left a lot for viewers to dig through and analyze. From Cooper seeing red heels that could bring back long lost memories, to a strange note that Bobby got from his dad that might have the alien Mother’s symbol on it, to a really weird encounter between Jerry Horne and his foot — this episode was classic Twin Peaks. Join us as we look at some of the bigger scenes and consider clues that David Lynch might be leaving for his fans.

Spoilers for Episode 9 of Season 3 are below. 

I Am Not Your Foot!


Yes, we got to see a wonderfully bizarre scene involving Jerry Horne. He was always strange, but now even more so. Some fans just think he’s going senile or maybe he will become the new “Log Lady.” But others believe there is more going on. Perhaps, wherever he is in the woods is near a portal to the Black Lodge.

Others have speculated that his foot is becoming the new doppelgänger for the arm. Now that would be interesting to see happening.

Ben Horne’s Son Rammed His Head Into a Wall

In case you didn’t realize who ran head first into a wall and knocked himself out (or killed himself), it was Johnny Horne, Ben Horne’s mentally disabled son. The woman who called out to him was Ben Horne’s wife, according to the show credits. (Interestingly, ramming his head like that is similar to what both Leland and Cooper did when they were BOB doppelgängers.)

It’s unclear what relevance this is going to play, but some fans think this might be the thing that brings Audrey Horne back to town. And maybe Audrey holds the key to bringing back Cooper. Cooper-Dougie did have a moment in this episode when he really fixated on a woman walking in red heels. This might be because those heels reminded him of the red heels that Audrey wore 25 years ago. (He also fixated on the American flag and his love for America, and then on the outlet. So Coop might be trying to find his way to the surface, somehow.)

Bobby’s Scenes Were Refreshing

Bobby is a fan favorite this season and for good reason. The actor is amazing and it’s nice to connect with some of the original series characters. And Bobby’s connection with his dad, who always believed in him even when he was a troubled teen, is something sweet to see. His dad left Bobby some major clues that he immediately picked up on, all these years later. It appears that Garland Briggs’ faith in Bobby was well placed.

As far as Major Briggs, the character won’t be returning because the actor passed away. :( But the show is doing a great job of paying homage to his memory and making his character a central part of the season. Remember this scene from the original series, when Briggs told Bobby about the future vision he had of his son?

Twin Peaks – A Vision Of LightThis was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain stream, The mind revealing itself to itself. In my vision, I was on the veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion. There seemed to emanate from it a light from within, this gleaming, radiant marble. I'd known this place. I had…2011-09-03T19:21:33.000Z

One interesting question that arises from this video… In Briggs’ vision, did he see the palatial home where the Giant lived, that we all saw in Episode 8? If so, that brings up some major questions about Briggs’ origins and might explain why he’s so special.

The Clues Major Briggs Left for Bobby

Bobby is the one who is supposed to follow the trail his father left, but fans are figuring out what the clues mean all on their own. Here’s one of the papers that Major Briggs left for Bobby:

Showtime/Twin Peaks

This paper clearly says “Cooper Cooper Coo…” In other words, 2 1/2 Coopers (not just the two Coopers that were mentioned in the scene.) This must refer to Dale Cooper, Not!Cooper (aka Mr. C) and Dougie, who was ultimately just half of a Cooper.

The paper is also highly reminiscent of the printout that Major Briggs showed Cooper in the original series. It was a printout of numbers and letters, and in the middle was written: “The Owls Are Not What They Seem.” He thought at the time that the communication was from aliens, but later it was determined they were actually picking up on radio waves/messages from the woods themselves. Here’s the scene:

VideoVideo related to ‘twin peaks’ episode 9 explained: top theories & clues2017-07-10T05:48:43-04:00

And here’s what the printout looked like. Exactly the same type of printout that he left for Bobby to find:

briggs printout for cooper

Showtime/Twin PeaksA printout given to Cooper from Briggs in the original series.

Fans have mentioned that when this message was originally picked up, it was likely at the exact same time that The Giant was delivering his “The Owls are not what they seem” message to Cooper. So the secret government agency’s instruments were picking up on alien communications from The Giant.

What does this tell us about Bobby’s printout? It’s picking up on another clue that The Giant (or that Briggs in his “alternate dimension” form) is leaving — that there are 2 1/2 Coopers.

As for the other page, here’s a screenshot:

Showtime/Twin Peaks

Take note of the weird owl like figure right under the red crescent. That is the SAME symbol that was on the Ace of Spades card that Mr. C. showed to Daria. It was the thing that he really wanted to find. It also happens to look very similar to the head of the alien that entered through the glass box, which also just happens to look a lot like the alien that gave birth to BOB in Episode 8. This “alien” may be Mother, the creature that the woman in the Mauve Room was warning Cooper about.

Fans have also noticed that this Mother creature looks like its arms are bending back, similar to how Laura’s doppelgänger used to say that sometimes her arms bend back.

By the way, it’s worth noting that in the premiere, the Tree/Evolved-Arm told Cooper in the Lodge: “253 Time and Time Again.” This was not the number that the Giant told Cooper he needed to remember. That was 430.

Perhaps The Arm was referring to 253 as somehow being related to Mother or BOB. Or perhaps he was referring to this note and that Bobby’s visit here is going to ultimately somehow bring Cooper back.

My current theory is that Jack Rabbit’s Palace is going to be the White Lodge, and it will take some sort of White Lodge magic to bring Cooper fully back.

Diane Is Receiving Texts from Mr. C


This part was surprising. Diane received a text from Mr. C tonight and no one is sure how to take this. During the plane flight it appeared that she was looking for the text, but her phone was blocked. She was pretty upset about not being able to get whatever message she was waiting for.

And then we found out what she was waiting for.

We saw Mr. C sending a text in all lower case that read: “Around the dinner table the conversation is lively.” Then we saw Diane receiving that exact text, except it was in all caps. So this could just be a continuity error (but with Lynch, that isn’t likely), or it could mean that there is a middleman sending Mr. C’s texts to Diane. Her text was from “Unknown,” so it wasn’t a number programmed into her phone.

It’s possible that Mr. C was referring to the “night” that he and Diane were talking about in a previous episode. It’s also possible that Diane is doing her own spying on Mr. C and has someone sending her messages from him, or she has some kind of bug on his phone. She might also be helping him under duress for some reason.

What do you think is going on between Diane and Mr. C? The lowercase text vs. the all caps is likely a big clue.

What Was the Deal with the Girl with the Rash?

We’ve seen some strange things on Twin Peaks and some really disturbing scenes (hello Episode 1 with the face-eating monster — I’m looking at you.) But for some reason, the girl scratching and scratching at the terrible rash on her arm was one of the most uncomfortable. Drugs have been a recurring theme during this season, so it’s possible she’s gotten into some strange new drug that is taking over Twin Peaks. The drug dealer in Twin Peaks certainly had some kind of magic (or Dark Lodge abilities) at his disposal.

Some fans also wonder if there’s meaning to the fact that the messed-up arm is her left arm. That just happens to be the same arm that MIKE ultimately cut off. This is also the same side that went numb for Laura, Theresa, and Dougie. Connection or coincidence?

Hastings’ TheSearchfortheZone.com Is Real

Yes, the website that Hastings mentioned while he talked about his bizarre encounter with Major Briggs in another plane of existence is actually real. No joke. It looks like Lynch and company have created a wonderfully bizarre 90s-looking website complete with blinking GIFs. I explore the clues from that website in another Heavy story, which you can read here.

By the way, how weird was Hastings’ story? He hacked a government computer and gave a bunch of coordinates to Briggs in an alternate dimension. Then Briggs seemed to just float away and it was “beautiful.” (Did Briggs float like the Giant floated and, if so, does that mean Briggs is a being like the Giant?)

Oh, and Hastings’ librarian Ruth went with him to this alternate dimension. Her head was later found on top of Griggs’ body, and Hastings is insisting he had nothing to do with that (and we believe him). Meanwhile, Hastings’ secretary died in a car explosion the day after he was arrested. This show has so many details to keep up with! (Thanks to Bea Duffy, who commented below to share this correction.)

The Timeline for the Show Is Being Revealed

Tonight’s episode dropped some clues for the timeline of the new season. The original series took place in 1989. The website that Hastings mentioned was last updated in 2015. So it appears that the show isn’t taking place in present day 2017, but sometime in 2015 instead. (Note: The November 2015 update is a bit misleading, since that is the last update for the guestbook. Hastings himself updated the website last in September 2015, it appears.)

Briggs’ note for Bobby mentioned October 1 as being two days from now, and when Hastings signed Briggs’ photo he wrote the date as 9/29. So it’s a safe bet that the show’s ninth episode takes place on September 29, 2015.

We also learned that Dougie was likely created around 1997, since that was when his records first appeared. Before that, he didn’t seem to exist. He started working for the insurance company 12 years ago, and shortly before that he was in a car accident. That car accident causes him to sometimes act weird, which is why no one immediately took him to the hospital this time around.

So, it appears that we had a few years where Mr. C was the only doppelgänger for Cooper. It seems likely that Mr. C was the one who created Dougie as a failsafe to keep him from being dragged back to the Lodge. And now he wants Dougie (who is now Cooper) gone. (This would also explain why he is ordering around the guy who paid the young man who was monitoring the glass box. Mr. C has been funding the whole thing.)

The Groundwork Is Being Prepared for Cooper’s Return

I really really hope they bring Cooper back soon. He was my favorite part of the original series! So with that bias in mind, I’m looking for reasons to believe that Cooper is returning soon. First, there is the part mentioned above, where the Evolved-Arm/Brain-Tree told Cooper in the Lodge: “253 Time and Time Again,” and “2:53” is written on Briggs’ note.

And as mentioned earlier, Cooper’s recognition of the red heels might be a memory of Audrey returning to him.

We also know that the FBI agents are getting pulled closer and closer to Dougie. They found a ring in Briggs’ body’s stomach that is actually Dougie’s wedding ring. Coop seemed closer to waking up. And the other agents pulled prints from Dougie’s cup, and this will likely flag Cooper in a database, alerting Gordon to another Cooper. (And besides that, Gordon, Albert, and Tammy have already determined that the fingerprints from Mr. C don’t match Coop’s fingerprints perfectly.) Meanwhile, Hawk, Truman, and Bobby are being prepared for the reality of two Coopers instead of one.

But while all of this is going on, Mr. C is trying to put a hit out on Dougie again. 

Everything’s falling into place for Cooper’s return. (I hope.)

Do you have any other theories from the latest episode or clues that you picked up on? Share them in the comments below. Like last week, some theories shared by commenters might be added to the story as the week progresses.

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