WATCH: Rob Kardashian Threatens to Repossess Blac Chyna’s Luxury Cars

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Rob Kardashian isn’t done with Blac Chyna. After a social media meltdown on Wednesday morning that saw him release nude photos of his baby mama, Kardashian continues to use social media to taunt her. This time, it’s in relation to her collection of luxury cars.

Since his Instagram account has been shut down after he violated the terms of service, Kardashian took to Snapchat to release a subtle threat that he is in fact planning on taking back the cars that he bought for her. In the video, he walks through a driveway showing off Chyna’s red Ferrari, her purple Lamborghini, and a black Range Rover. All while clearly singing the chorus to The Marvalettes‘ 1961 hit “Mr. Postman.” Watch the video below.

According to Hollywood Life, Kardashian is the one who purchased the Lamborghini for Chyna back in April 2016, which cost a whopping $200,000. At the time, it was meant to be an engagement present, but the couple broke off their engagement in February. “Thank you baby for my Huracan Lamborghini @robkardashian,” she wrote on Instagram.”

In May, Chyna showed off a brand new 488 Spider Ferrari on Snapchat, to celebrate her 29th birthday. While she never implicitly stated who bought the car for her, but it is known that the 488 Spider Ferrari costs over $273,000– implying that only someone of Kardashian’s monetary stature would be able to purchase such a thing as a gift.

Kardashian is currently with the couple’s daughter, Dream Renée, as he posted a picture of the 7-month-old in a bathtub earlier today. To learn more about Dream Renée Kardashian, click here.

Chyna hasn’t responded to any of Kardashian’s insults or allegations, save for a bizarre Instagram video that saw her dancing and singing along to the song “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. Though Chyna is not visible in the video, her hand, arm, and leg making appearances toward the end, and it appears as though she isn’t wearing any pants. The lyrics in the song may offer something of a response until she decides to officially speak up:

Said little [expletive], you can’t [expletive] with me
If you wanted to
These expensive, these is red bottoms
These is bloody shoes
At the store I can get them both
I don’t wanna choose
And I’m quick cut a [expletive] off so
Don’t get comfortable
Look, I don’t dance now
I make money moves
Say I don’t gotta dance
I make money move
If I see you and I don’t speak
That means I don’t [expletive] with you
I’m a boss, you a worker [expletive]
I make bloody moves