‘Game of Thrones’: What Is Euron Greyjoy’s Gift for Cersei? [Best Theories]

HBOEuron Greyjoy, sporting a new look.

During the Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy had a very comical first meeting with Queen Cersei. He had a lot of great lines and quips, and he didn’t have much respect for Jamie — which he made very clear. But he does have a soft spot for Cersei (or just realizes that marrying her is his key to great power.) So he promised that he would bring back a priceless gift for her the next time he sees her.

What could that gift be? Here are the best theories so far to explain.

The Gift Might Be a Person: Perhaps Tyrion or Ellaria

One top theory is that Euron Greyjoy is going to head out secretly to Dragonstone, so he doesn’t start a war simply by being seen, and take a prisoner back to Cersei. Many fans think that prisoner will be Tyrion (which certainly would be priceless to Cersei, considering how angry she is that he’s now the Hand of the Queen.) But others think it won’t be quite that dramatic, but still pretty important. These fans think he will capture and bring back Ellaria Sand, whom Cersei will want because she poisoned and killed her daughter.

Others think the gift will be Olenna Tyrell. Jamie talked about how the Tyrells have grain that they need, so perhaps capturing Olenna would let them get that grain. But would Olenna really be left unguarded and that easily taken?

The Gift Might Be a Dragonbinder

Other fans think the gift will be a Dragonbinder — a horn that can summon and control dragons. This would be the most priceless gift that Cersei could receive, but it would be heartbreaking for fans. Imagine watching Cersei blow the horn and suddenly have complete control over one of Daenerys’ precious dragons. That would be absolutely gut-wrenching. Which makes it a strong contender.

However, this is an instrument known only to book readers. (Book spoilers are coming next.) The dragonbinder hasn’t been mentioned at all in the series or even foreshadowed, which makes some fans think they’ll skip over it entirely and this will not be the gift.

He Might Bring Her a Valyrian Sword

Others think he’s going to bring her a Valyrian sword, namely Brightroar. Brighroar was possessed by House Lannister before the Targaryen conquest. King Tommen II Lannister led an expedition to Valyria and never returned. He took the sword with him and it was also lost.

But others are disputing this theory, because it doesn’t seem like Cersei would be that interested in one. In fact, when she was listing all her enemies, she didn’t say anything about the White Walkers. She obviously doesn’t consider them a threat to her reign.

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He is bringing her white walker, it is known. FYI go to reddit, all the scenes summaries for the entire upcoming season were leaked.

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