Who Died in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6? Complete List of Major Character Deaths

who died game of thrones season 6


Every season of Game of Thrones is filled with death, and last season was no exception. Some of those deaths really, really hurt, and some are still being celebrated by fans. But none of them were easy. Here’s a complete list of the major characters who were killed during Season 6.

This list of people who died is in alphabetical order. Of course, we can’t even begin to count all the deaths from Cersei’s wildfire destruction:

  • Alliser Thorne
  • Balon Greyjoy
  • Blackfish (Brynden Tully)
  • Brother Ray
  • Doran Martell & Trystane Martell (Some fans were pretty mad about this one and felt the characters didn’t live up to their abilities)
  • High Sparrow (Fans were torn: High Sparrow or Cersei? Who would they rather die?)
  • Hodor (His may have been the most heart-breaking scene yet.)
  • Kevan Lannister
  • Khal Moro
  • Lady Crane
  • Lancel Lannister
  • Leaf
  • Lem Lemoncloak
  • Loras Tyrell
  • Lothar Frey & Black Walder Rivers
  • Mace Tyrell
  • Maester Pycelle (What a way to go)
  • Margaery Tyrell (Fans loved her and were sad that despite figuring out what was going on, she was prevented from escaping)
  • Olly (Were fans a little too happy about Olly’s demise?)
  • Osha
  • Ramsay Bolton (We were glad to see him go, and the way Sansa killed him was very appropriate)
  • Roose Bolton, Walda Bolton, and Ramsay’s half-brother (This was very dark of Ramsay)
  • Rickon Stark & Shaggydog (This one really hurt and was completely unfair)
  • Summer (This was also unfair)
  • The Waif (Fans were glad to see her go)
  • Three-Eyed Raven (His death was a shock. Is Bran ready to take over?)
  • Tommen Baratheon (His death was an even bigger shock. No one was expecting that scene.)
  • Walder Frey (This was gratifying. Go Arya!)
  • Wun Wun (Fans were really, really sad about this one)

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