Who Is Thomas Ravenel’s Brother William?

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Twitter Pictured: Thomas Ravenel takes a walk around the Magic Kingdom, with his kids in their stroller, and poses for a photo, featured on his Twitter page.

On Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel has spoken about his brother William, who has Down Syndrome, and on tonight’s reunion, he opens up briefly about his brother again.

Growing up, Thomas was the youngest of six children and his father Arthur was a distinguished state legislator and congressman. Viewers have met Arthur Ravenel on the show, but have not met many of Thomas’ other relatives. According to The State, Thomas’ mother, Louise, dedicated herself to the better of son William and was an advocate for the mentally disabled. She has also been credited with founding the Protection & Advocacy For People With Disabilities, which was the very first South Carolina organization that pushed for the rights of the disabled. Thomas gushed about his mother, saying:

She dedicated her life to helping the needs of the less fortunate, the handicapped. She’s been a warrior on behalf of equal rights.

Unfortunately, when Thomas’ parents split up, brother William went to live in a group home, so that Mom Louise could go to work. Around the same time, Thomas says his other siblings soon left home.

At last year’s Southern Charm reunion, it was revealed that recurring cast member Jennifer Snowden was pregnant and that her child may have medical issues. Fortunately, her baby is well and viewers got to meet the little one this season on the show. Thomas Ravenel said at the time, that he thinks highly of Snowden’s character for keeping the child and that he has a brother with Down Syndrome himself.

Thomas Ravenel has one other brother – Arthur Ravenel III. He also has three sisters – Eva Ravenel, Suzanne Ravenel, Renée Brockinton. And, from 1995–1998, Thomas Ravenel was married to ex-wife Mary Ryan Ravenel.

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