Who Sang ‘Stand By Me’ at the End of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? [VIDEO]


Fear the Walking Dead

At the end of Fear the Walking Dead‘s midseason finale, fans heard an unfamiliar cover for the familiar song, “Stand By Me.” The cover fit perfectly with the ending and made for a tense, emotional monologue at the end.

The cover is by Ki: Theory (aka Joe Burleson), a recording artist who specializes in alternative rock.

Here’s the full song:

There’s also an official music video for the song, which you can watch here:

Fans are saying that they absolutely loved the song. In fact, most fans loved everything about the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead. It was intense and had some big twists and turns (did anyone predict what happened with Ofelia?) The scene with Strand was also moving. And although we didn’t get to see Daniel Salazar, it’s going to be interesting to see how he reacts to learning about what Ofelia did, if he ever meets up with her again.

Do you think Ofelia will group up again with Madison, Nick and Alicia? Or is this the end of Ofelia’s role on the show? And what do you think will happen next? Will Madison take over the camp, or will they live in peace at the ranch with Walker and the other Native Americans? It’s hard to imagine how Troy especially is going to deal with what happened to his dad.

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The song was amazing I’m going to look this person up and hope they have a lot of remix of other songs. Madison to go over there camp too easy to quickly that would never happen so it was a little unrealistic and I do like the show and how she went out and seeing her daughter and everybody followed her they’re making Madison too tough It’s Beginning to be alone unbelievable no woman’s that tough and controlling you can get people to follow her the way she does not a big fan of Madison


Mid season premier spoiler shows Ofelia/Walker’s group moving into the ranch with its current inhabitants, and one young man saying “this isn’t right” and walking away. The Stand By Me cover was perfect for the ending!

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