Why Are DMVs In New Jersey Closed Today?

Chris Christie, RNC Speaker, New Jersey Governor

If you need to get to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today and you’re in New Jersey, you are out of luck. Currently, there is a government shutdown issued throughout New Jersey, which means that all state offices are closed. The DMV falls into this category and unfortunately, offices will remain closed until the shutdown is over. In addition, state employees may expect to be furloughed. Registration and inspection stations will be closed too.

In addition, if you were hoping to pick up a copy of your marriage license or a birth certificate, you are also unable to until the shutdown has ended. This goes into effect with the Department of Health, come Monday morning. So, until Governor Christie signs off on a budget, there will be tons of offices, state parks, golf courses and beaches closed.

When state lawmakers failed to pass a state budget by midnight on Friday,June 30, 2017, the state of New Jersey issued its second government shutdown, as reported by NJ.com. The last shutdown occurred in 2006 and lasted for approximately 8 days.

Fortunately, there are many offices and services still open amid the shutdown. Here’s a list of what is still running:

– Casinos
– Child Services
– Halfway Houses
– Lottery Tickets
– Municipal Beaches
– NJ Transit
– Prisons
– Privately Run Golf Courses
– Racetracks
– Road Construction
– Schools
– State Hospitals
– State Police and National Guard
– Tolls
– Unemployment Services, according to NJ.com

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1 Comment


How stupid could they be closing theDMC but they opend the casinos,racetrack and other things that the people have to drive to but can’t because they can’t get their registration renewed. So who losing out not the people.Remember no people no money coming in.

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