AD Diggs’ Best Friend Tiffany Sparks Jealousy in Moniece Slaughter on LHHH

Moniece Slaughter has been a bit calmer this season on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, but when her girlfriend AD Diggs wants to go out for the night with best friend Tiffany, Moniece is not having it. And, when AD is out with Tiffany, Tiffany can’t help but bring up some of the “issues” in AD’s relationship with Moniece.

AD says that Tiffany has been a friend of hers for like 15 years and that she’s struggling in how to balance her friendships with her relationship. And, when Moniece shows up at the bar where the two are hanging out, Tiffany is thrown. AD had made plans for a date with Moniece, but she showed up an hour early. And, Moniece was not eager to share her time with Tiffany, so AD had to leave his friend high and dry.

Slaughter debuted her relationship with AD Diggs on the premiere episode of LHHH this season and the two are surrounded by drama. But, they prove to have some drama of their own as well.

So, who is AD Diggs? According to Monsters and Critics, Diggs is 34 years old and originally hails from New York, but today she resides in Los Angeles. She is an entrepreneur and is the founder of DiggTheKicks, which is a sneaker store based in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

When Slaughter first came under fire for her relationship with Diggs, some social media followers accused her of dating a woman just for a LHHH storyline. Slaughter went on Instagram to defend herself and wrote:

I am. I have always been. A bi-sexual woman. It’s not new to my family although I always denied it out of fear of judgement and criticism. I grew up SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). Very religious and while I know my family loves me despite our ups and downs; I was taught growing up that homosexuality was/is a sin. It was frowned upon. However, because my family loves me. And has met her. They see that for the first time in a long time. I’ve made a great decision in who I’ve chosen to give myself to. And invite into my son’s world. Their world. And my own. Any man I’ve dated, is made aware in the beginning that I am bisexual. She has nothing to do with a STORY. Everything to do with my LIFE. If you’re one of the less accepting, we respect that. Please respectfully depart.

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