Adam Lind’s Struggle with Drug Claims & Parenthood

Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2 has struggled with her baby daddy and ex-boyfriend Adam Lind over the years, but now she is happily married. Though Houska has tied the knot, her issues with ex Lind are far from over because they share a young daughter together. On the show, Houska often talks about how Lind never sees their daughter and how it upsets her to see.

Over the summer, Lind has talked about drugs on social media and The Hollywood Gossip reported that he tested for meth. Lind actually was found to have meth and steroids in his system back in April. The court records reportedly read:

Plaintiff failed his third drug test and he tested positive for amphetamines and methamphetamines. The methamphetamine result in his system was substantial and this was just over 24 hours before he was to have the parties’ minor child.

On Teen Mom 2 tonight, Houska talks about how Lind’s absence in her daughter Aubree’s life is affecting her. Have a look at a clip of Houska expressing her concerns in the below video.

Chelsea Houska is now Mrs. DeBoer, as she tied the knot with husband Cole DeBoer, who has taken on the role of stepdad to Lind’s daughter Aubree. And now, DeBoer has a son with Houska, a baby named Watson.


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