‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Voting: How To Vote Online & Use App – Live Shows Night 1

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The live shows are here for America’s Got Talent 2017, which means that audience and viewer participation is key in keeping your favorite acts in the competition. If you want your favorite performers to stay on the show, then you need to vote. NBC has officially launched its AGT App, which is available via Google Play and the Apple Store. With the app, you can vote along with the show and even customize your buzzer sounds with voices from the judges. Viewers who use the app can actually see real-time results totaled from the at-home voting activity. Click here to check out the app and get started.

If you would like to cast your votes by phone, click here for the list of phone numbers per contestant eligible for votes. For night 1 of the live shows, the phone numbers for voting are the following:

Angelica Hale 1-866-602-4805
Artyon and Paige 1-866-602-4802
Bello Nock 1-866-602-4806
Billy and Emily Englund 1-866-602-4811
Christian Guardino 1-866-602-4801
Darci Lynne 1-866-602-4812
In the Stairwell 1-866-602-4803
Just Jerk 1-866-602-4807
Preacher Lawson 1-866-602-4809
Puddles Pity Party 1-866-602-4808
The Singing Trump 1-866-602-4804
Yoli Mayor 1-866-602-4810

For night 2, the phone numbers for voting are:

Brobots & Mandroidz 1.866.602.4801
Celine Tam 1.866.602.4802
Demian Aditya 1.866.602.4810
Eric Jones 1.866.602.4806
Evie Clair 1.866.602.4809
Johnny Manuel 1.866.602.4804
Light Balance 1.866.602.4808
Mandy Harvey 1.866.602.4812
Merrick Hanna 1.866.602.4805
Mirror Image 1.866.602.4803
Pompeyo Family Dogs 1.866.602.4807
The Masqueraders 1.866.602.4811

If you are using the AGT app to vote, the official rules and description of the voting app read:

The America’s Got Talent Official App is the easiest and best way to PLAY ALONG, VOTE and SAVE. Tell America which acts you love during the show, mix and match judge phrases for your buzzers, cast your vote during the live voting shows and save your favorite acts on results night.

With the America’s Got Talent Official App, you can:
– Play along with America by using green, red and golden buzzers during the performances
– Sound off on your buzzer whenever you want, even when the show’s not on!
– Vote for your favorite acts during the live voting episodes
– Save acts during results night
– Join the conversation by sharing your favorite performers on Facebook
– Tweet Tyra Banks and the judges straight from the app
– With 3D Touch (iOS only), get immediate access to your buzzers.

To vote directly through the NBC website, click here. You must then log in either by Facebook or by entering your email address and birth date. You will then be re-directed to a screen with all of the contestants eligible for votes. Start casting your votes!

For the best experience possible, please make sure to update your device to the latest iOS operating system before running the America’s Got Talent Official App.