‘Alaskan Bush People’s’ Gabe Brown Upset, Posts Troubles on Instagram

Gabe Brown Instagram


Gabe Brown from Alaskan Bush People has taken to social media to share that he was “blocked” by a friend of his. It hurt his feelings so much that he is actually considering leaving social media altogether.

“I might quit social media altogether the only friend I wanted to follow me in the first place I guess blocked me I do appreciate all the friends I’ve made trying to regain my best one I lost, but after FB it’s just not very fun anymore not good bey just see y’all later keep up the cool posts God bless you all have fun and laugh often your Instagram friend Gabe. Lots of love to everyone,” he wrote in the comments section of one of his recent posts. As far as who the female in the photo that “blocked” him is, fans believe she is just a friend and didn’t look too far into the photo itself, which you can see below.


Fans were very upset to hear that Brown had thought about quitting social media because many have enjoyed following him since he joined Instagram back in April. Although most fans watch the Brown family week after week on their reality show, keeping up with them in real time has been great.

Thankfully, Brown slept on his thoughts and woke up the next day feeling much better about things.

“Ever noticed that no matter how dark the night gets the sun always shines the next day
I had an emotional night/morning thank you all for being there for me really love y’all guys. Thank you Instagram pals I’ll keep posting hoping and being thankful for what I do have. If anyone sees my best BFF friend forever tell her hey for me I still think she’s amazing beautiful and so cool,” he posted on Wednesday.

Alaskan Bush People returns with an all-new episode tonight on the Discovery Channel.

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