Ami Brown Sick With Cancer: What Is Her Latest Condition?

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This season on Alaskan Bush People, the Brown family was completely thrown when matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Her family packed up their belongings in the Alaskan bush and have now decided to start a new life together in Colorado where their mother could be close to the proper medical treatment she needs.

Unfortunately, Ami Brown is far along in her diagnosis, which doesn’t sound promising. Whatever the case, Brown has chosen to fight for her life and has been undergoing intense chemo and radiation therapy for cancer. According to People, Brown has dropped from 128 lbs. to 89.4 lbs., and her husband Billy has revealed that their doctors have given them very sad survival statistics, which have been as low as a 3 percent chance of living. Ami Brown has been having trouble swallowing and says that “everything hurts”. She also told People:

I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days. But I have the will to fight.

By sharing her story on television, Ami Brown hopes to ease others in similar situations, explaining that:

People will stop us at red lights on our way in and tell us their whole church is praying for us. I want people to see what a big giant family we feel a part of. The world needs more of that. I hear that there are a lot of people out in the world that have been sending me well wishes and we wanted to do this [interview] and let people see what we’re going through because there are a lot of people that are going to be told one day that they have cancer. And that’s scary. I was nervous as a cat the first time I went in for radiation. I hope if people watch the show and see what I’m going through and it will take away a lot of their fear.

She also says that worrying just makes her feel worse, so Brown tries to stay positive in happy.

On August 28, 2017, Brown will celebrate her 54th birthday.

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