ANW Daytona Beach City Finals: Who’s Advancing to the National Finals?

Tonight, the top ninjas from the Dayton Beach Qualifiers will compete at the city finals, where we’ll find out who has what it takes to make it to the National Finals.

In LA, only four competitors made it to the top of the Elevator Climb. Last week, Daniel Gil was the only competitor who managed to make it to the end of the course at the San Antonio City Finals.

Tonight, Ninja favorites Jessie Graff and Drew Drechsel will have their go at the course. Kevin Carbone, who created Wingnuts, will also compete tonight. Kevin created the design through the American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Design Challenge.

The following competitors will advance to the National Finals:

1. Drew Drechsel
2. JJ Woods
3. Sean Darling-Hammond
4. Jessie Graff
5. Travis Rosen
6. Casidy Marks
7. Tyler Gillett
8. Kevin Carbone
9. Rigel Henry
10. Nick Patel
11. Lucas Gomes
12. Reko Rivera
13. Ryan Stratis
14. Dustin Fishman
15. Michael Johnson

1. Jessie Graff
2. Lindsay Eskildsen

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