Are Chantel Everettt & Pedro Jimeno Still Together?

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Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are a married couple on 90 Day Fiance and this season, the two try to get their families on the same page together since they have not gotten along in the past. Jimeno’s mother has said that Everett’s family is “stupid Americans”, while Everett’s parents wanted Jimeno to sign a prenuptial agreement when he married their daughter.

This season on the show, Everett and Jimeno have had major issues with their families as they plan a wedding in the Dominican Replublic. The Everett family seems to believe that Jimeno’s mother and sister are using him for money. They also wish that Jimeno would use his money to attain better living conditions for Chantel instead of his mom. Jimeno’s mother and sister even get into a name-calling argument with Chantel Everett just before the wedding. And, Jimeno seems to not even want any communication with Everett’s relatives.

So, does the couple make it through all the turmoil? According to In Touch Weekly, the couple is still together and going strong.

When Everett’s former Spanish teacher introduced her to Jimeno on Facebook for the purpose of helping her learn the language, Everett probably didn’t expect to end up marrying Jimeno. The couple seems to love each other, but they had a rocky start when Everett wanted to keep their engagement a secret from her family. Because of this, Jimeno has most likely dealt with more issues than he would have with her parents. Jimeno originally hails from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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