‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017 Cast Spoilers: The Season 4 Contestants

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Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise begins next week with a new cast, mixed with some veterans, who are in search of romance. And, though the show doesn’t premiere until August 14, 2017, ABC has already released the official synopsis for episodes 1 and 2. Let’s get into the rundown on the double premiere night episodes, along with spoilers on the cast members on board this season.

AUGUST 14, 2017 PREMIERE EPISODE 1: The cast comprised of former fan favorites and controversial characters from “The Bachelor” franchise live together along the shores of Paradise beach, share exotic dates, and explore new romances, all for another chance to find love … One of the most shocking and dramatic seasons in Bachelor Nation history begins with host Chris Harrison explaining that production had to be suspended. Later, a beloved bartender from seasons past tearfully tells the new arrivals news that will change Paradise forever. Later, Harrison announces a new twist that poses a threat to the men. One distressed damsel is crushed when the dude she finds dreamy is asked out on a date by another woman to whom she had previously confessed her crush. One bikini-boasting babe finds herself torn between Santa Claus and a penguin. Meanwhile, an unfortunate female receives some sad news that sends her packing for home, with the hope of returning. But will the boy she bonded with be able to find a way of staying in Paradise without her rose? Two runners-up from previous seasons hook up for a date that involves some wet and wild fun in the sun.

When it comes to the suspension of the show, this occurred after a very public allegation of sexual misconduct occurred on set. The situation involved cast members Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, but Warner Bros. released a statement that they found no evidence of misconduct, so filming resumed. And, as for the news about the show’s beloved bartender, he apparently leaves the show and former cast member Wells Adams takes on the role of bartender for the rest of the season.

AUGUST 15, 2017 PREMIERE EPISODE 2: In the next episode, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass exchange marriage vows in Paradise before an assemblage of their family and friends, including many of our Bachelor favorites. Then, it’s time for the tears to flow, including from the bride and the groom … and Ashley I. too! Later, the cast returns to Paradise and sits down with host Chris Harrison for a thought-provoking conversation about the encounter that caused all of the controversy. Once the show resumes, the cast tries to pick up where they left off. Watch one couple’s relationship heat up, while the production time out changed the momentum for others. Meanwhile, one desperate and lonely lady wants a date card to help her get something new started, but is disappointed when it goes to someone she thinks doesn’t need it.

Waddell and Bass got together on the previous season of Bachelor in Paradise and, since filming their wedding, the couple has announced that they are expecting a baby together.

A look at the #BachelorInParadise cast!

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Now let’s get into this season’s cast members. As usual, there is an initial group of cast members and then, throughout the course of the season, as eliminations occur, additional contestants come aboard. Here is the list of the initial, main cast members:

Alex Woytkiw (JoJo)
Alexis Waters (Nick)
Amanda Stanton (Ben’s season & BIP 3)
Ben Zorn (Kaitlyn’s season)
Danielle Maltby (Nick’s season)
Dean Unglert (Rachel)
Derek Peth (JoJo)
Iggy Rodriguez (Rachel’s season)
Jack Stone (Rachel)
Jasmine Goode (Nick)
Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland (Rachel)
Kristina Schulman (Nick)
Lacey Mark (Nick)
Matt Munson (Rachel)
Nick “St. Nick” Benvenutti (JoJo)
Raven Gates (Nick)
Robby Hayes (JoJo)
Taylor Nolan (Nick)
Vinny Ventiera (JoJo’s season & BIP 3)

And, the additional cast members who join the show throughout the season include:

Adam Gottschalk (Rachel)
Blake Elarbee (Rachel)
Christen Whitney (Nick)
Daniel Maguire (JoJo, BIP 3)
Danielle Lombard (Nick)
Dominique Alexis (Nick)
Haley and Emily Ferguson (Nick, BIP 3)
Jaimi King (Nick)
Sarah Vendal (Nick)
Tickle Monster (Rachel)

Now, because of the halt in production, it looks like filming didn’t take place as long as usual. So, it doesn’t look like there will be any proposals at the end of the season this time. However, there are a few cast members who walk away in relationships. One couple who has been photographed together since the show is Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton. Last season, Stanton walked away from the show engaged to Josh Murray, but the engagement ended after several months together. Unfortunately for Stanton and Hayes, some of their fellow cast-mates have told People that they feel the relationship may be just for show. Only time will tell.

Tune in to Bachelor in Paradise season 4 on ABC next week, starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT & 7 p.m. CT.

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