‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2017 Spoilers: Episode 4 – Season 4

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Tonight airs another episode of Bachelor in Paradise, with more cast members entering and stirring up drama. The official ABC synopsis of tonight’s show reads:

Two new arrivals bring sex, jealousy and deceit to Paradise (or rather, even more sex, jealousy and deceit). The first arrival has her eyes on the prize that another woman thought she had won on the last episode. Meanwhile, a frustrated husband-hunter has her own troubles, when she receives a date card and doesn’t have anyone interested in her to ask out. After a rigorous interview process, she offers the job to the candidate with the most promise, who takes the position, but only, as it turns out, until a better opportunity comes along, in the fabulously fetching form of the next arrival.

The worst fear of one comes true when a meddlesome matchmaker names the new potential couple and does her utmost to make it stick, really pissing off some of the others. A spoiled sport happily accepts his second date of the day, without even checking with her first which sends the spurned spinster into a crying fit and a confrontation with the meddlesome matchmaker.

Now that you have an idea of what you’re getting into on the show tonight, let’s get into the episode details and spoilers … But, DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANY SPOILERS ABOUT THIS SEASON.

Dean Unglert Is In a Love Triangle

Dean Unglert has been carrying on a romantic bond with Kristina Schulman, but has also been open to finding relationships with women who might come along this season. Schulman appears to be more into Unglert than he is into her and this was made clear when Danielle Lombard showed up and asked him out on a date. Unglert accepted.

Later on in the season, Schulman seems to be too overwhelmed by the situation and leaves, according to Reality Steve. Steve also reports that, even though Unglert ends up with Lombard at the end, he tells her that he’s actually in love with Schulman.

Lacey Mark Goes on a Date With Diggy Moreland

Lacey Mark has been crying that no men appear to be interested in her. She has also been hoping that Daniel Maguire shows up … which he will. On an episode of the show, Mark cried to the camera, saying:

There’s no one here interested in talking to me at all. I’m annoyed because people that I want to be here are not here — like Daniel. Daniel’s like the whole package for me. I feel like nothing is going to happen for me unless Daniel comes.

Tonight, though, Mark goes on a date with fellow cast member Diggy Moreland and it appears to go well. But, Moreland ends up going out with Dominique Alexis, who shows up in Paradise. No need to worry for Mark though because her dream man reportedly shows up at the rose ceremony. Reality Steve reports that Daniel Maguire appears in Paradise.

Danielle Maltby Leaves Paradise

Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams have a great friendship, but the two apparently also have crushes on each other. Unfortunately, Adams is not allowed to date any of the cast members, as he was brought on this season as the show’s bartender. Maltby clearly wants Adams and decides to quit the show. Now, is it because of her feelings for Adams or because of a charity trip to Africa that Reality Steve previously reported as the reason for her leaving. ABC reports.

A lovely but left-alone lady decides to depart Paradise before the approaching rose ceremony. On her way out, she stops at the bar to say goodbye to bartender Wells who she secretly has a crush on. He also has a crush on her but it is against the rules of Paradise to take any relationship to the next level but they share a moment in time they won’t soon forget.

Adams and Maltby have known each other for a long time and are friends back home in Nashville.

A New Girl Threatens Raven Gates’ Bond With Adam

Raven Gates has struck up some romance with cast member Adam Gottschalk, but when Sarah Vendal shows up and asks him out on a date, their romance may be threatened. Gates is not down for sharing a man, but Reality Steve reports the couple continues to carry on a relationship this season, so maybe Gottschalk chooses Gates over Vendal. Life and Style Magazine reports that Gates and Gottschalk are actually still dating today.

DeMario Jackson Gives His Side of the Story on the BIP Scandal With Corinne Olympios

On tonight’s episode, DeMario Jackson sits down with host Chris Harrison in front of an audience to tell his side of the story on the infamous scandal between Corinne Olympios and himself. ABC states:

Paradise then heads to the studio where host Chris Harrison thanks Bachelor Nation for its continued support through this controversial season that almost didn’t happen. The rest of the show is dedicated to answering some questions about the incident that led to the production shutdown and the media frenzy that followed, including an in-studio interview with DeMario Jackson.

Corinne Olympios is set to appear on next week’s episode to discuss her point of view about the alleged sexual misconduct situation.

Carly Waddell & Evan Bass Announce Their Pregnancy

ABC writes:

Bachelor Nation newlyweds Carly and Evan pay a visit to make a very special surprise announcement and to introduce the newest member of the Bachelor family.

Recently, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass revealed that they are expecting a baby together and that they found out the news right after they tied the knot in Mexico. They also have announced via Instagram that they are having a little girl together. Bass already has three sons from a previous marriage.

Last week, the show featured the wedding of Waddell and Bass on an episode, with many fellow cast members in tow.

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