Boogie2988 Surgery Update: How Is He?


Popular YouTuber Boogie2988 had gastric bypass surgery today, and his millions of subscribers are wondering how everything went. There’s good news. His wife Dez posted on Twitter that he did great and is recovering from surgery with no complications.

Boogie should be out of recovery by about 7:30 p.m. Eastern, his wife reported, adding that everything went according to plan.

Boogie went into surgery earlier today and his wife has been keeping his viewers updated on his status. Just before his surgery, Boogie2988 posted the following video, letting people know what was going to happen:

Today's the day… Surgery Time.if you want to be kept up to date follow me on twitter and/or my wife Today's the day. Just some final words with you guys before we head to the hospital and change my body and life forever. I am confident that things will work out well and you should be confident…2017-08-01T16:41:26.000Z

He’s been a little worried about the surgery, but assured his viewers that everything would be fine, and this was the best way for him to lose weight and get healthy. Although the gastric bypass surgery has its risks, Boogie has told his viewers before that he feels that the risk of not losing his weight is greater than the risk of having the surgery.

And now it looks like the surgery went just fine.

His wife, meanwhile, has been answering questions on Twitter and keeping fans updated on her husband’s status. She shared a few photos just before his surgery.

Boogie will be taking a break from YouTube for a couple weeks after the surgery so he can focus on his recovery. He has said that he has about five to six videos queued up and ready to publish during his break. He’ll be keeping fans updated on his Twitter account and his wife’s Twitter account in the meantime.

We all wish Boogie a speedy recovery. Here are some viewers’ and friends’ reactions to the news that his surgery went well:

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