Bryan Abasolo & Rachel Lindsay: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bryan Abasolo, Bryan Abasolo Bachelorette, Bryan Abasolo And Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo Bachelorette Winner (ABC/Paul Hebert

On the premiere episode of "The Bachelorette," Bryan Abasolo got the very first kiss from star Rachel Lindsay. He also warned her that he can sometimes be "trouble." This intrigued her.

Bryan Abasolo was the contestant who got the first impression rose from Rachel Lindsay this season on The Bachelorette and now he enters the finale episode as one of the final three men. Before we get into Abasolo’s background, his fate on the show, and other information, we must warn you that this post contains major spoilers on who the reported winner is on The Bachelorette 2017. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANY SPOILERS, STOP READING NOW. Otherwise, let’s get into the details on Abasolo in our 5 Fast Facts below.

1. Abasolo Was Not Initially Well-Liked by Rachel Lindsay’s Family

This season on The Bachelorette, when Abasolo met Rachel Lindsay’s family, they were not sure that he was genuine and they voiced their concerns. Lindsay’s sister told her that she felt Abasolo was “a charmer” and that her guard was up around him. Unlike the other two men that the family met, they had a lot more questions for Abasolo, which appeared to upset Lindsay.

2. Some Fellow Cast Members Were Not Fans of Abasolo on the Show

Peter Kraus and Dean Unglert both were vocal about not being fans of Abasolo on the show. Kraus told fellow cast member Eric Bigger that he didn’t like Abasolo’s over-confidence and Unglert threw shade at Abasolo in a deleted scene from the show as well, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Dean Unglert also told the media that he believes Rachel Lindsay is in lust with Bryan Abasolo, but not in love. After Unglert’s comments to Entertainment Tonight, Lindsay had some of her own, firing back that:

Those are Dean’s opinions, whatever. I can’t speak towards them, but I would hope that people — and the viewers — know that I am smart enough to not be blinded by lust … I’m 32, this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve been in love before. And every decision I made was heartfelt, it was logical, and it was well thought out. And it’s unfortunate that whatever decision he feels I made could or could not have been out of lust. But for me, like, it was a real decision that I took my time the best I could in nine weeks.

Though she came to Abasolo’s defense, Rachel Lindsay had her own concerns about Abasolo over the course of the season as well, wondering if he was “too good to be true.”

3. The Winner Is Reported to Be Abasolo

Bryan Abasolo, Bryan Abasolo Bachelorette, Bryan Abasolo And Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo Bachelorette Winner

ABC/Rodrigo VarelaHere, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo enjoy themselves on their hometown date in Miami, Florida.

Reality Steve has reported that Bryan Abasolo is the winner this season on The Bachelorette. And, while some may not be happy with Rachel Lindsay’s decision to get engaged to Abasolo, she told The Hollywood Reporter that:

You know, I have learned that you can’t please everybody. You just have to accept that, being in a public role. I hope everyone is happy with my decision, but I know I can’t please everyone. I’m happy and that’s all that really matters to me. And he’s happy too.

4. His Mother Has Been an Issue In Past Relationships

This season on the show, Lindsay meets Abasolo’s family on a hometown date and Abasolo warns her that his mother was a reason that a past relationship he was in did not work out. And, when Lindsay talks to Abasolo’s mom, his mother says that her son is her life. She also warns Lindsay that if she marries Abasolo, she is marrying the family.

Even when Abasolo met Rachel Lindsay’s family, it appeared that Lindsay’s mother had reservations when it came to Abasolo’s dedication to his mother. After he said that his mother came number one in his life, Lindsay’s mother questioned him about what would happen if his wife and mother did not get along. She wanted to know whose side he would choose and Abasolo ultimately said that he would support his wife.

5. Abasolo Has Been On Another Dating Show

Refinery 29 reports that Abasolo previously was on UPN’s 2004 show The Player. On the show, 13 men competed in various player “tests” to earn dates with a model named Dawn. When Abasolo was on The Player, his job title was a “club promoter” and he was the eleventh contestant to be eliminated, which means he made it pretty far on the show. According to a press release via Futon Critic, here’s the summary of Abasolo’s time on the show:

Since Dawn started to like Bryan, she was excited to go meet his family and friends. The first part of the date, Bryan took Dawn to a romantic lunch and a swim at the beach in Miami. He then surprised her with a plane flying over head with a banner that read “Dawn & Bryan???” She was really impressed. But Dawn knew something was up later when she asked his buddies about Bryan and they fell silent. With nothing to say about their best friend, Dawn started to doubt his player skills. The following day, while the other two guys were competing for Dawn’s attention, Bryan just stayed downstairs and kept to himself, which only helped Dawn make her decision. So, at the time of elimination, her choice was easy, and she asked Bryan to leave. She just felt he had no game.

Fortunately, it looks like The Bachelorette worked out for Abasolo differently than The Player.

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