‘Carspotting’ on Discovery: Meet the Cast

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Tonight, Carlos and his crew will try and flip old cars and restore them to their former glory on Carspotting. The trio works in the Pacific Northwest and sells them for as much of a profit as possible. According to Monsters & Critics, the men will use a drone in the premiere to look through abandoned classic cars in the hopes of finding a gem.

Read on to learn more about the cast.

Carlos Becerra

Carlos is the host of “Carspotting” and runs two businesses– Imports & Classics, and Cascadia Customs, or “Triple C”.

In an interview with the Bellingham Herald recently, Becerra said, “I’ve been a car guy my whole life,… Whatcom County is full of old cars. You drive around the backroads and you see a lot of cars by barns or sitting in fields.”

As a teenager, according to the outlet, Carlos worked in berry fields and sold from his own stand. After graduating high school, he started buying cars and shipping them out of stage.

Pedro Becerra

Pedro is Carlos’ brother.

Pedro used to work in the restaurant industry before trying out fishing job in Alaska. He wasn’t fond of any of them, but truly enjoys working on cars. He’s extremely close with his brother.


Discovery Channel describes Niko as a “car savant”. Niko has been working on cars since he was just 7 and joined teams with Carlos about two years ago. “My whole life has revolve around cars,” he tells Discovery.

“I wanna make sure I know everything that goes into the vehicles when we send them out,” Niko says. He also adds on that he hasn’t shaved his beard in approximately six or seven years.