Donnie Wahlberg & Wife Jenny McCarthy On ‘Wahlburgers’

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A love letter to my husband, Donnie Wahlberg, For the past three months I have watched you pour out your heart and soul. I have seen you give hundreds, if not thousands, of hugs. I’ve seen you make every person you came into contact with feel like they were somebody special, because you do believe they are special. You have entertained all of us. You have tipped hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to hardworking people in Waffle Houses across the country. I’ve seen you get on a plane to work at Blue Bloods all day, only to get on an airplane that very same day to go perform your heart out at your concerts. Back on a plane then again…and repeat. I’ve seen you do all this all while making sure your fans felt appreciated. That our sons felt loved. And that your adoring wife felt cherished. Moments I will never forget; Holding a disabled woman in your arms so she can dance with you. Paying for funerals for fans who left us too soon. Giving the shoes off your feet, the coat off your back, and the hat off your head to those whose lives changed because you did. I’ve seen you give people jobs, lead with mindfulness, stay present while those around you slept, (myself included). And I watched you do this with a smile on your face, and with unconditional love in your heart, with no sleep in your tired bones. Never in my life have I met anyone who has gone out of their way physically, emotionally, spiritually and lovingly for the sake of others. I don’t know anyone like you. And I never will. I just know how lucky I am to have you. I love you, Mrs. W  ❤️

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Donnie Wahlberg has a reality show with his family, called Wahlburgers, which focuses on the family business, which is a chain of restaurants by the same name. The show returns for another season, and Wahlberg appears with wife Jenny McCarthy as well. She has appeared on the show on previous seasons and even had her own reality show with Wahlberg in the past.

A few years ago, the couple had a show called Donnie Loves Jenny and their families were included on that show as well. Unfortunately, the couple decided to end the show when McCarthy’s son Evan began to feel uneasy about being on camera. Donnie Loves Jenny filmed three seasons, but in 2016, McCarthy told The Chicago Tribune that her son Evan is the reason the show is not filming. She explained:

He doesn’t want film crews in his house and I can understand that, especially those teenage years. We put a pin in (the show) and put it on hold.

Evan is in his early teens right now.

Though the couple no longer has their own TV show, they participate in Wahlburgers and other shows. And, though reality TV has a habit of breaking up couples who appear on shows together, this couple is not afraid of “the curse.” McCarthy once told Us Weekly:

Okay, there’s nothing salacious that’s going to happen because we don’t have fights. We’re very good about doing coping tools to kind of maneuver through anything that people might fight [about] so I’m not worried because everything we’re doing is us, and us is in the nicest vibration we always are in. And hopefully people will respond to that and not need crazy.

Wahlberg then added:

We’re not really worried about [the reality TV curse] … we always say reality TV shows don’t break up couples, couples break up couples.

To watch Wahlberg and McCarthy on Wahlburgers, tune in to A&E on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.