Donovan Metoyer, ‘American Ninja Warrior’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Twitter Donovan Metoyer on 'American Ninja Warrior'.

Tonight, the suit-wearing competitor, Donovan Metoyer, will be competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Metoyer is one of just 30 to make it through to the Kansas City Finals, and tonight, we’ll find out if he has what it takes to advance to the national finals in Las Vegas.

Read on to learn more about him.

1. Tonight Marks His Third Consecutive Appearance on the Show

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Metoyer, 30, is one of the few ANW veterans competing in Kansas City– tonight marks his third consecutive appearance on the show. Prior to this, he competed in season 5 in Denver and season 6 in St. Louis. This year marks his first time advancing to a city finals course.

Metoyer tells Ink, “Doing ‘Ninja Warrior,’ I’ve learned how to step back and realize your life is your life. You move at your own pace, and you don’t have to do what you think people are expecting you to. You need to do what you want to do, the way you want to do it.”

2. He Dresses up to Run The Course

Speaking to Kansas City Star recently, Metoyer said, “I consider myself the classy ninja”.

Metoyer wears a tie and a vest when he’s competing. For a while, he wasn’t sure if being a part of American Ninja Warrior was something he really wanted to. Speaking to Ink recently, the athlete said, “I don’t mean it in a bad way, but all the guys were taking their shirts off and just being kind of arrogant. I remember thinking, ‘They remind me of meatheads.’ I want to bring some class and dignity to the show. So I’m like, ‘All right, I’m going to be the Classy Ninja.’ ”

He tells the outlet, “It allowed me to stand out and be unique. And I just want to show that you can run the course in anything.”

3. He’s a Shift Manager at Walgreens

Metoyer is a shift leader/manager at Walgreens when he isn’t busy competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Metoyer had a rough go during the second obstacle of season 5 during his first run. He lost his shoe on the Rolling Log and wasn’t able to maintain a solid run after that happened. “The entire game was out the window,” he tells the Kansas City Star.

4. He Is Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

Metoyer is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in information technology at UMKC.

5. He Is a Fan of Sasuke

Celebrity American Ninja Warrior, Red Nose Day Celebrity Event American Ninja Warrior, Celebrities Competing in American Ninja Warrior Tonight like Derek Hough

“American Ninja Warrior”

Metoyer is a big fan of Japanese culture, according to Ink, and began watching “Sasuke” (which ANW is based on) when he was a teenager. He tells Ink, “I remember seeing these guys running through a giant playground. It looked so fun.”

Metoyer was 18 when he first tried to compete in Japan– little did he know, he was 3 years too young.

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