‘Game of Thrones’: Bend the Knee Memes [S07E04]

jon snow bend the knee

HBO Jon Snow Bending the Knee

One thing’s for sure, Daenerys is not going to let go of that whole “Bend the Knee” thing. There were some crazy moments in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 (and Episode 3!), but fans also found some moments that were pretty funny. One of them is how Dany just won’t let go of that whole “bend the knee” thing when it comes to Jon Snow.

Here are the best memes, tweets, and jokes about how Dany wants Jon Snow to bend the knee.

This post has spoilers for Season 7 Episodes 3 and 4. 

First, this is just hilarious. Dany’s favorite GIF of Jon:

She just won’t let it go.

There are some really funny jokes now about the whole thing:


Even in Episode 4, just when you thought they were finally making some progress, Dany says it again. “Bend the knee.”

Some fans think that Dany is focusing on this far too much and needs to just let it go. They’re proud of Jon Snow for not bending the knee.

Others think that it’s really no different than when Stannis was often telling people that they need to bend the knee for him. Dany’s no different, some fans say, and Jon should just bend the knee for her and the greater good and get it over with:

Some fans are hoping this whole “bend the knee” obsession will end with a marriage between the two, which could be another way to get a strong alliance without forcing Jon to bow to Daenerys.

Other fans just can’t figure out how Jon could say no to Dany:

What do you think? Is Dany focusing too much on this whole “bend the knee” thing? Or should Jon kneel before Daenerys for the greater good?

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