‘Game of Thrones’: How Did Jorah Bring Shame on His House?


In Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, Jorah mentions that he brought shame on his house. How did that happen? Here’s a quick refresher.

Jorah Mormont in the son of Jeor Mormont of the House Mormont. He originally was a well known and valiant warrior who was knighted by King Robert Baratheon. So how did he bring dishonor to his house?

His wife, Lynesse Hightower, bought expensive items that Jorah just couldn’t afford. He had to sell poachers into slavery to support her expensive tastes, and that was illegal in the Seven Kingdoms. In fact, it was deeply taboo in Westeros, and he was caught and stripped of his Lordship.

What Jorah did was so bad that Ned Stark ordered his execution. So Jorah fled to the Free Cities, leaving Longclaw behind. His father eventually gave Longclaw to Jon Snow.

Jorah supported himself by serving in mercenary companies like the Golden Company, and his wife ultimately left him.

Jorah eventually found himself helping Daenerys adapt to being a Khaleesi of the Dothraki and swore fealty to her. (Her brother saw no problem with what Jorah had done, and accepted him.) For a while, though, Jorah worked as a spy for Varys, sending him information about Dany and her brother. Eventually he stopped sending Varys information because he grew to believe in Dany. He even ignored a royal pardon, because he had fallen in love with her and believed in her cause.

When Dany finds out about what he did, she sends him away. But over time, and after seeing his loyalty over and over, she comes to forgive him.

Jorah has more than made up for the sins of his past, as he seeks to bring justice back to Westeros and help Dany take the Iron Throne.