‘Game of Thrones’ S07E06: The Night King’s Weapon [PHOTOS]


The Night King has a weapon, and it isn’t pretty. It’s absolutely terrifying. See photos of this new weapon in his arsenal up close, to get a better idea of what happened.

This post has major spoilers below for Season 7 Episode 6. 

Don’t read on unless you’ve seen the episode. 

All photos are courtesy of HBO. 

For a while, everything looked amazing. The dragons were winning and it was beautiful.


But then this happened… And the Night King was prepared. He had multiple weapons like this, not just one.


This is heartbreaking. :(


Here’s a closer look at the weapon that puts the Scorpion to shame.


The point on the weapon is very, very sharp.


The weapon must be imbued with some type of magic, in order for it to do the type of damage that it did. Remember all the work that had to go into the Scorpion weapon in order for it to generate the kind of power that it did? That gives you an idea of just how strong the Night King is. (Or how powerful his magic is.)

So, the weapon appears to be ice, but much, much more. If the Night King has truly been around since the time of the Children of the Forest, when the first White Walker was created, then he has had years and years to create a weapon against dragons. And if he has the Children of the Forest’s magic at his disposal, this is why the weapon works so well.

Of course, now things are much worse. Now the Night King has the ultimate weapon:  an ice dragon. With this, can he just fly over the Wall and break the Wall’s magic?

It was a heartbreaking scene, but fans will be analyzing this for weeks to come.