‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 4: Best Videos & Photos from the Battle [SPOILERS]

HBO Tyrion had mixed feelings during that battle.

The battle in Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 was absolutely breathtaking. But at the same time, fans were terrified about what was going to happen next. Now that the episode has aired, here are some of the best moments — photos and videos — from that battle.


That moment when the Kingsguard heard a thundering approach and had no clue who it could be… That was terrifying. We thought it was Drogon, but it turned out to be the Dothraki horde. And they were more terrifying than we could imagine.

But then… A shadow emerges.

It’s Drogon.


The look on their faces when they realized what was approaching:



Dany was riding Drogon, and Drogon looked magnificent.


Drogon finally gets to do what Drogon does best:


But let’s face it… The Dothraki were pretty intimidating too. And they have archers in their group. Fan theory confirmed:


Nothing beats the magnificence of Drogon:

Let’s watch it again:

At the end, Jamie tried to kill Dany to end the war. He risked his own life. But Drogon wasn’t about to have it. (This GIF was shared early by a fan who saw the leak):

And it looks like Jamie’s attempt might turn him into a meme:

Not to mention, Tyrion needing to keep his thoughts quiet:

Before we wrap up this story, here is one more scene of Drogon looking absolutely magnificent.

And looks like Dany took Olenna’s advice to heart: