‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 6: Did the Night King Plan This? [Theories About His Powers]


A “burning” question is eating away at fans who have seen Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6. Did we get a new glimpse of the Night King’s power? Did he know what was going to happen and did he plan everything?

This post has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 6. 

MAJOR spoilers below. Don’t read on unless you’ve seen the episode.

It seems that the Night King’s powers may be even greater than fans had bargained for. He seemed to be prepared for absolutely everything that happened. He was likely the one who animated the one wight who survived and that Jon was taking back across the wall.

But even seeing what was going on through the wight’s eyes wouldn’t be enough for the massive attack that the Night King had mounted. It’s possible that he had all these wights gathering to this location, not because they were going to break through the Wall, but because he knew about this battle and was planning for it.

Think about it. He came with multiple weapons that could kill a dragon. As if he knew a dragon would come to save Jon Snow.

He was calm and collected about everything. He lured Jon to that rock in the middle of the water. Everything seemed perfectly planned.

I’m guessing that the Night King has warging powers similar to the Three Eyed Raven, and even better than Bran’s powers (at least for now.) We’re getting hints that he can see what’s going on in Westeros and plan and prepare for it. If true, how he does this is unclear. Can he access the weirwood trees too or does he have another ability?

This isn’t a farfetched idea. We know that the Starks are descended from the First Men, and some Starks can warg. We know that Bran has the power of greensight. We also know that the the very first White Walker (likely the Night King) was created by the Children of the Forest when they stabbed a First Men through the heart with dragonglass.

So if there’s any possibility that warging powers can be inherited, then it all stems from the First Men, of which the Night King is one. Either that, or the same magic that created the White Walkers also lets them warg.

I’d imagine that the reanimating of corpses is also a warging ability. That’s why when one White Walker is killed, all the corpses he animated die too. And we’ve seen the Night King stop Bran’s own warging, like pushing him out of the flock of ravens.

We’ve also seen that the Night King can see Bran when he wargs, which is another indicator of having a similar, related ability.

Oh, and the Night King has one more power you might have missed. He can control fire. Check out what happened to the flames as he approached them:



Yes, the flames decreased as the Night King got near. His power was greater. It’s unclear if this means he’s immune to fire, possibly calling on the same magic that Dany used to survive Drogo’s funeral pyre. Or if this is another facet of that “warging-like” ability.

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