‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 6: What Did Benjen Say?


In that scene between Benjen and Jon Snow, Benjen said something to Jon that fans had a tough time understanding. What was it?

We have the information below.

Major spoilers for Season 7 Episode 6. 

When Benjen rode in with his kickass weapon and saved Jon from a horde of White Walkers and wights, he had one piece of advice.

Benjen: “Ride to the pass.” 

Jon: “Come with me.” 

Benjen: “There’s no time. Go!” 

Some fans are upset that Benjen didn’t try harder to go with Jon. Couldn’t the horse carry them both? Well, we don’t know exactly how long Benjen traveled before seeing Jon. And we know that the wights were moving fast. Sure, Benjen was able to save Bran and Meera with one horse and not sacrifice himself… But in this case, there was a much bigger group of wights intent on destruction. It’s possible that without Benjen around to try to stop them and slow them down, they would have overtaken Jon.

Or maybe Benjen just felt that Jon was so important, it wasn’t worth the risk.

Whatever the reason, we can assume that Benjen did not survive that scene without some serious divine intervention. (It sure seems like Jon Snow and Jamie have that though, doesn’t it?) Benjen was taken over by a horde of wights who absolutely swamped him. There’s really no good way to get away from that.

But Benjen did have power from the Children of the Forest that kept him from becoming fully undead and a wight. So will he just be torn apart limb from limb? Or will that magic still serve to help him somehow, even at this time?

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